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Thank You So Much For Thyroid Forum

Before I found the thyroid forum on MedHelp I felt like no one understood anything I had been going through for over 7 years in my struggle with Graves' disease and then being hypo after RAI and too low replacement dose.  But once I found this forum and all these people who were just like me, had the same symptoms, same complaints, and same problems as I did I found my sense of humor again.  I have felt so alone for so many years and now I have friends again.  And the best part is they understand me.  

I truly feel that this website has saved my sanity and given me hope of a normal life again.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this site.

If only we could get the endocrinologists of the world to tune into these sights they would see how much we are alike and different and understand how much WE could teach THEM.

Again thank you and God bless you for this!
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What she said.

Seriously, the Thyroid Forum has been a huge help to me.

Thank you.

When I have my disease under control, I am going to come back here and shout it out in a new thread. ;>)
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Forty days ago I read Dr David Brownstein's book about iodine. I've been taking 5% lugols iodine ever since. My body temperature has come up from some times in the low 96 degrees to now mostly high 97's and in the afternoons a lot of 98.6's. A surprise result of this therapy is the disapearance of a cyst in my left testical that has cause me pain for at least fifteen years. There is no more pain. I can now wear pants that fit me. I had to always wear pants with a waist size much bigger to give a longer rise, so that pants would'nt bind and hurt.  
They still did but less.  Dr B. says iodine is used successfully in fibrocystic breast disease and even breast cancer. I'm waiting for health results of normalysing thyroid function.   Joep2442    
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I had thyroid problem when I was 14, I was in Russia , our food there is poor of iodine. i had taken the iodine alone with hormonals, and it went well
Now in USA I started to have the problem, doctor gave me hormonals and did not tell me to take iodine, he said, americas do not have insufficiency of iodione in food. So I do not take it but I do not have any improvement! Now I with I never listened to him and continued taking iodine. I will start taking it today and thank you for the comment
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I dont know the exact symptoms of thyroid problems but my aunt was told she had thyroid problems and was going to be on medication all of her life and she always wanted to maintain weight and doctor told her that was impossible. My mother told her about a natural product named Reliv and she ignored her but the cost of doctors she decided to try it and to the sdoctors amazement shes off the medication and now can lose weight. That was last year april. This year she had to get cysts removed from her ovaries and stayed on product but also took the one for women and she rescheduled from december to january because her insurance would not start til january. She called my mother very excited and said that the doctors did not find them.
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I'm a bit late posting .. but thank you all for the great success you have found on the Thyroid Community.  Without great members like yourselves, the thyroid community would not be where it is today!  If you happen to read this post come on over and post us your update .....

It is my conviction that the community is built post by post and our job will not be finished until the fence is complete and that will be post by post!


Cheryl - co-cl thyroid
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I am in Africa. For the past 9 months, I have been having a problem that was recently diagnosed as hyperthyroidism (over activity of the thyroid gland). I have since been put on some medication. Can someone please tell me whether removal of the thyroid is a better option?
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