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My son passed at the age of 2 months in 2003 and last Sunday we found my 2 month old son in his bassinet and he was not breathing thank god we were able to bring him back. Doctors say that he was in the early stages of SIDS and we got to him just in time. My question is do u think he will stop breathing again or was this just a one time situation?
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WOW!.. First off let me say thank the lord for stepping in. Since they still don't know what the cause of S.I.D.S is it's very hard to say. I know that it must be torture on you living with that fear. I lost my Olivia last year just 5 days before christmas. My 5 and 3 year old daughters saw her when my husband was trying to revive her.  She was 3 months old. They told me she was in such a deep sleep she forgot to breath. Now everynight I find myself running up and down the stairs checking on my other children. The most we can do is pray that the lord continues to bless us with the love of our babies that can never be taken away.
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You and I are among the lucky few. I saved my daughter who had rolled over on her face and stopped breathing. I had gone in to check on her, saw what happened, and picked her up and patted ad rubbed her. She breathed. After that I tucked her in in such a way that she could never roll over on her face again.

I though SIDS was a rare occurrence and then I came across this site filled with so much grief. It hurts to think about it.
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You're so lucky. The same happened to me, at 3 days old my daughter was lay in her Moses basket and has stopped breathing. By the time we saw she was grey and unresponsive. We managed to bring her back but even now ( she's nearly 7 ) I find myself checking at night that she is breathing.
It gets easier!! You won't dwell on it as much as you do now, although Its always in the back of your mind i promise it does become just a horrible memory
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