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SIDS while awake?

My 4 month old son Cooper passed december 17...24 hours after his second round of shots. The pathology report hasn't come back yet but the specialist are saying they think it's SIDS. I'm not a doctor but I was always under the impression that SIDS was a peaceful passing in the sleep. Cooper cried in pain for 3 hours befor he gave up and was obviously wide awake. He was as happy as ever all morning until noon suddenly started screaming and wouldn't stop. Anyone ever hear of SIDS while awake? Any answers or advise is welcome I'm lost without my son and without answers.
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Oh my gosh, reading your story brought me to tears. I am very sorry that this happened to you. I can only imagine your heartbreak and pain. I wish I had answers for you, but honestly I can only speculate. SIDS is classified as any sudden death that cannot be attributed directly to any other cause. Yes, from what I've read it almost always occurs during sleep, but I suppose it COULD occur while awake. I would ask for a second opinion on the autopsy if pathology is inconclusive.

My heart is absolutely broken for you and I wish I had words to make it all better. I hope that you and your wife are holding each other close through this horribly tough time....if you ever need to talk or let it out, please feel free to message me. I am very very sorry for your loss.
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I'm just praying that the path results show something. With everything I've read about SIDS... I won't be able to accept that as an answer. I haven't red anything about the Childs lips turning blue, crying, or even being awake. And my wife blames herself because she waited 2 hours befor she left for the hospital, but at that point he was just crying... All babies cry. But guilt is pRt of the healing process and I just hope I doesn't turn to depression..
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I too have no answers, but I just wished to give my deepest condolences to you and your family. It's heartbreaking to read about this, and I can only imagine the pain you and yours must be going through. I desperately hope that you get the answers you seek.
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I've never heard of a childs lips turning blue from SIDS, but I have never personally experienced it.  My BIL lost a son a few yrs ago to SIDS, but it was before I joined the family.  I'd be sure to ask for a 2nd opinion & for the time being find comfort in your wife.  She needs you right now & you need her.  Most local hospitals offer support groups & if they don't health units usually do.  I encourage you to do some research into support for you both as you both need to grieve. I am SO sorry for your loss & can't imagine losing a child I had held for so long. I miscarried twins @ 24 weeks & if it hadn't been for my other daughter I'm not sure I would've survived it.

If either of you want to talk please feel free to message me.

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I have never heard of a infant being awake when SIDS happened. I am so sorry for your loss and I know it is a painful thing to go through. I lost a baby girl.

I will pray they do not reach that conclusion of SIDS and give you a better answer. There is another mom on here that lost a duaghter from shots right afer as well. The autopsy concluded it was from the shots. But  no matter waht the conclusion she will always be left with qustions and "I should of's" That has been the hardest part for me as well. My baby girl was born early and was alive and very pink but the dr's just let her lay there and did nothing! THey said the law does not make them try till 24 weeks.

I urge you to see the grief counselor at your local hospital who deals with infant loss. It is helpful. THe MArcxh of Dimes also has a grief packet they send out free with a memory book to write things down and keep. Again I am so sorry for you both and your family and I hope you can find answers you need.
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i am so sorry. there are a lot of stories on the internet of this being related to the dpt shot. most babies will die 12 hrs to 3 days after. i also would not accept sids as andanswer. i couldnt even believe what i was reading and i am supposed to bring my daughter to get her 4 month shot tomorrow. once again, i am so sorry and can not imagine the pain your family must be going through.
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Well I can safely say after reading this that I will not be letting my daughter get those shots next month.
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I & I'm sure MANY others thank you for posting your story.  I can't imagine how hard it is for you.  I've talked with my kids father & we've decided that we won't be allowing any of our children (almost 8yrs, 2 & 28 weeks pregnant) to be vaccinated.  The days will get easier & I know that's the last thing you want to hear, but it's true. I posted my story in the earlier post & although 4 months post birth is a lot longer then the 24 weeks I carried my twins the death of a child hurts.

I hope today will be a little easier for you & your wife & still encourage you to look into loss groups in your area.

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I'm so sorry for your loss! I can't imagine the heartache and pain that your family is going through. Did your son have any issues after his first round of shots?
Please keep us posted about what your doctor tells you.
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Im so sorry for your loss!!! That is awful, if something is "unexplained" I think many doctors can easily blame SIDS.

To me it sounds like his passing was most likely from the shots, I remember reading somewhere that the majority of babies that pass from "SIDS" are right around the time the recieve a vaccine.

Again i am very sorry, I can not imagine, And Praise God nothing happened to my first who is turning three, But with our next He will recieve his shots later then expected. I want to wait until hes about 6 months for vaccines.

I am so so sorry, please talk with your wife about how you both feel as you both need comfort right now. Both of you lost something very dear and itll take time to learn the new "norm" of things and heal.
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3 days after first round of shots he had a 102 fever. But they never found out why he was running the fever. Then when he was three months old he had surgery on his Intestines. There was a rupture kinda like an ulcer but actually in the intestines. Once again no on knew why. And I wouldn't completely give up on vaccines.. As much as I hate them now they have there place. I want to get coopers story out and urge parents to stop giving vaccines so early. If we decide to try again we're gonna wait til our baby can say "daddy my ...... Hurts".
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3 days after first round of shots he had a 102 fever. But they never found out why he was running the fever. Then when he was three months old he had surgery on his Intestines. There was a rupture kinda like an ulcer but actually in the intestines. Once again no on knew why. And I wouldn't completely give up on vaccines.. As much as I hate them now they have there place. I want to get coopers story out and urge parents to stop giving vaccines so early. If we decide to try again we're gonna wait til our baby can say "daddy my ...... Hurts".
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I am so sorry for your loss
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This is from the SIDS Association:

The experts from the Institute of Medicine reviewed the recent research on the relationship between immunizations and SIDS. The American Academy of Pediatrics currently recommends multiple doses of seven different vaccines during the first year of life. These vaccines include the combination Diphtheria-Tetanus-acellular Pertussis (DTaP) vaccine, Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) vaccine, Hepatitis B (HepB) vaccine, Inacticated Polio vaccine (IPV), and Pneumococus vaccine (PCV).

The Committee concluded that there is no evidence of a causal relationship between these vaccines and sudden infant death syndrome, sudden unexpected death in infancy, or neonatal death. For some vaccines there was a strong evidence of no causal relationship; for others, the evidence was inadequate to accept or reject causal relationship, which was due to a small number or no epidemiologic studies evaluating the relationship between vaccination and SIDS. For example, the Committee concluded that "the evidence is inadequate to accept or reject a causal relationship between DTaP vaccine and SIDS." That was due to the fact that the epidemiologic "evidence" consists of only one uncontrolled observational study. The American SIDS Institute with the American Association of SIDS Prevention Physicians (AASPP) is addressing this issue by designing and sponsoring the controlled multi-center clinical trial on Prolonged Apnea and Prolonged Bradycardia Following DTaP Immunization in Preterm Infants. We expect to complete the study within a year.

Timely immunizations protect infants from many potentially dangerous infectious diseases. The report of the Institute of Medicine once again confirmed that there is no reason to believe that vaccines routinely given to infants during their first year of life contribute to an increased risk of sudden infant death syndrome, sudden unexpected death in infancy, or neonatal death.
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Yeah I read that too. And alot of other stuff that broke my heart. The funny thing is... Even after reading that my son didn't magically re-appear. So I'm still not convinced. That one in 5000 chance doesn't seem so bad until your that one.
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Yeah I read that too. And alot of other stuff that broke my heart. The funny thing is... Even after reading that my son didn't magically re-appear. So I'm still not convinced. That one in 5000 chance doesn't seem so bad until your that one.
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I cannot even begin to tell you how so very sorry I am for your loss.. You and your wife have a long road ahead of you, and it doesn't end with the COD. Your story will bring attention to something that is obviously not as discussed as it should be. More attention should be brought to this, and families should know what they're getting into with vaccines. Thank you for sharing your story with MedHelp, and I hope you get an answer, any answer, besides SIDS.
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I was just trying to reassure other parents that the chances of this happening is rare as some parents are now worried that they made the wrong choice to vaccinate. Obviously nothing we say or do will ever bring back your child. There is SIDS and SUIDS. SUIDS happens while the child is awake. I assume that is what it is though it still does not explain why nor does it bring peace to you or your family. Again very sorry for your loss
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SIDS and suids are not viral, nor a Disease, nor a syndrome. It is simply and acronym used so that the cause of death on the death certificate doesn't read "death". Parents should be worried about making a decision that could leave there child mentally retarded, chronically ill, or dead. Facts aside... As no one has any when it comes to SIDS.. It is by definition without answer... My opinion is that administering vaccines to a human not capable of describing the pain they experience is negligent and ignorant. I strongly believe I should be jailed for the decision I made. And I will always see myself as an unfit parent because of it. STRICTLY my opinion. I have no facts (pathology reports pending) that any of this is even linked to vaccinations. Only the FACT that a perfectly healthy baby passed away 24 hours after vaccines were administered in a manner to which I have not found a like case. I have read case after case and visited forum after forum and have not found a case where a child was screaming in pain for hours before (SIDS). And regardless of the outcome of the path reports I still support vaccines for all the good they have done. Just be smart Moms.. Don't put yourself in a situation where your trying to figure out if your baby is screaming because their hungry or because the rotavirus vaccine manifested as Intussusception and collapsed their intestines. Just wait a few years. When your beautiful baby can tell you what's hurting. If my son could have told me what was hurting we wouldn't have tries for two hours to sooth him. He would have been to the hospital 2 hours earlier while he was still breathing and who knows, maybe I wouldn't be typing this right now. But if his story changes one mind.... Saves one child... There is some satisfaction. Don't second guess yourself on vaccinations though, if the worst case scenario happens to you just try to tell yourself that you did it in your babies best interest...maybe that will work better for you than it did for me.
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I am soo soo sorry for your loss. that is just horrible. I have no answers for you. but I really hope you get more answers then SIDS.. Im so sick of hearing about SIDS personally.. Like Doctors are so carless and Dumb these days to freaking figure **** out.  One thing that caught my attention is when you said your son had a temp of 102 and they didnt know why.. that SAME thing happend to my son. he was exactly 3 weeks old at the time. and i took him to ER he had a temp. of 102 as well. Someofthe ladies might remember this..  but me and my boyfriend spent 5 days in the hospital. worried and crying, wondering what was gonna happen to him.. Cause they were freaking out, no infant that young should have a temp that high.. BUT... till this day, they still cant give me an answer as to why it happend.   They tested him for everything.they did a spinal tap, blood work. heck they even tested him for herpes.. and never told me.. I think they were hiding something from me... but anyway, my thoughts and prayers are with you.
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TY for posting ur story & for trying to raise awareness.  

ammanda -
I went through 3 different visits with my youngest daughter to our hospital before she was 4 months old with high fevers as well.  They never figured out what caused it, but she was also tested for EVERYTHING including blood drug testing & I wasn't told. It wasn't until I demanded a copy of her records for my records that I saw the reports. It doesn't surprise me that they would test without letting you know 1st. seems they think the worst of younger parents.  Hope everything turned out ok with ur child.
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I am the mother of the 4 month old who passed away after having his vaccinations.  After reading what my husband wrote I wanted to post somethings myself.  We aren't encouraging parents to not get vaccines.It is because of those who do have their children vaccinated that children who don't have them can live a healthy normal life in public schools etc... I believe our pediatrician told us that without immunizations your child had a 1 in 5 chance of dying of something as simple as the measles.  We are just trying to say that although it may be tougher because kids will be old enough to remember things that a baby wouldn't it doesn't hurt to wait till your child is old enough to tell you that something is wrong.  Another suggestion I'm just throwing out there... at the two week check up or six week check up why don't they start handing out a pamphlet that has this info in it.  That way if you want to read up on something before you start injecting your child with this stuff the info is readily available to you.  I'm not saying that if a pamphlet was given to us before we did it that we would have changed our minds but at least I would know what the risks were.  I mean when you think of an allergic reaction to a shot the first thing that comes to my mind is a rash or severe fever I never imagined cardiac arrest... death... seizures.  The chances are rare of something of that nature happening but is it worth it to you?? maybe maybe not but the info should be given out whether or not you read it or choose to do it is on you.  I would like to conclude this by saying that if our son died of SIDS or SUIDS or any of them that I have no doubt in my mind that there wouldn't be a baby in the world that could die of that in their sleep.  It started off just fussing but progressively got worse and he was in pain at the end and a LOT of it. There is no way that if that was SIDS a child could sleep through that!
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First off ((HUGS))
Thank You! My son is 5 months old and he hasn't yet received his 4 month shots. He will be getting those when he is older.

My aunt is a Pediatrician and has been for 30+ years. Vaccines CAN kill babies. That's a fact!

I'm so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you and your husband.
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I am very sorry to hear about your loss.  I, too have lost a child to circumstances very similar to yours.  Ours was just over a week ago and he was only 2 months old.  

he had just finished nursing and then got fussy, as he often does.  Suddenly, he began crying, but it was a very strange cry (as told to me by his mom).  After maybe 2 or 3 minutes,
of this, she summoned me to call 911.  by then, our son had already lost consciousness and stopped breathing.  he was clammy and turning very pale. the paramedics arrived shortly and we were able to get him breathing, but it did not matter.  his pulse never got above 30 beats a minute (100 is normal).  an hour later, he was dead.

he had just gotten a full checkup less than 2 weeks prior.  The autopsy yielded no results.

i don't think it was meds and I don't think it's SIDS.  I think it is something different that may be discovered some day.  From the little bit I know of SIDS, they pass silently, not crying like yours and ours.  My condolences to you.  
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:( so sorry for your loss.
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I'm so sorry for your loss.
My 17 day old niece passed away recently too.
The results came back negative...meaning  SIDS...
She was wide awake too. Her little heart would stop, then it would start, but her lungs would shut down...this was over a 3 hour period.
The hospital tried everything...they couldn't understand why nothing seemed to work.
She had seen her pediatrician the day before this happened. She was given eye drops for an infection.
That night, she was given the eye drops brother swears it was the drops (as they already have a bad name).
She fed twice during the night, and again about an hour before this started.
My brother is having a hard time of this, as our father passed away the same night that his daughter was born...he also sends you his condolences.
( He is reading over my shoulder.)

So, I guess to answer your question...yes. They can pass away from SIDS while awake.
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My son just passed away at 7 weeks old (about 1 month ago), he was also wide awake when this happened.  We are still waiting on the pathology report to come back but everyone is saying SIDS.  I am so sad and upset, nothing makes sense.  He was just at the doctor the day before because he had reflux, wasn't eating that much, and very fussy.  The doctor said that he was going through a large growth spurt and said "that's what babies do".  I play her comments and that night over and over in my head and nothing makes sense.  I just wanted to share my story so you know you are not alone.  Anyways, I am very sorry for your loss and hope you have some closure by now.  If they don't come back with anything then I will be getting a second opinion!  I hope you did the same?
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i just went thru this same thing, i researched the shots and blame myself 100%. 12 hours later after his shots he woke up screaming and i thought he was hungry so i breastfed him and he didnt eat normal, i thougght he just needed pacified and just went to sleep. i thought he was asleep and laid him next to me and his daddy incase he woke and needed comforted again. i should have checked his breathing before i laid him down. my husband woke up and just scooped him up cuz he was white as paper and lips so blue they were almost black. hes also a fireman/first responder. we called 911 and they worked on him knowing he was gone. i just want answers. i know it had to be linked to his DTP shot and they will not tell us even if it was just cuz the simple fact that drs get paid for giving them shots and its sad. im devastated and i just want parents to research before they inject their babies with these toxins that "help". most SIDS cases happen between 2-4 months and thats when they get the DTP shots. i cant stop replaying this in my head,
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My son didn't have his shots yet so that might not be what happened.  Did any of you get a lawyer, just someone to help with everything?
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SIDS can happen at any time, asleep or awake.  The only reason it's more common while sleeping is that that's how babies spend most of their time.

My daughter died of SIDS while wide awake, and being held by her doctor. I was there. It was instantaneous. One instant she was alive and squirming, the next she was limp and dead. Within 30 seconds she was in the emergency room, but nothing worked.

There is no point in feeling guilty - SIDS is like turning off a light switch.  Her doctor felt terrible that he couldn't save her.  Some day we may find out what causes it, but the answer is that nothing is ever certain in life.
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SIDA happens instantly.  Shots don't cause it; that's just scare stories.
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Then you're an idiot.  Children are MUCH more likely to die from NOT getting vaccinated.  All the stories about how harmful vaccines are just made up.  Vaccines have saved billions of lives.
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Vaccines are not the problem - people like to have something to blame. The fact is, some people just die, from causes that are yet not understood. Arbitrarily blaming medications is not helpful.
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Not vaccinating your kids is stupid and the worst thing you could possibly do. Vaccines have saved billions of lives, and have absolutely nothing to do with SIDS.
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As on father to another - please stop fooling yourself.  Vaccines do not cause SIDS, or anything similar. If you read the statistics, it's clear that the chance of a vaccine causing death (or even problems) is SO small that it's less than the chance of being hit by lightning on the way to the doctor's office.  And the chance that your chid will be injured or killed by NOT being vaccinated is MUCH higher.

You did the right thing - but sometimes there is simply nothing that can be done. I am very sorry about your son.  But blaming vaccines is not the answer; that only serves to hurt everyone.  

I hope that you can heal.  From experience, I can say that it gets better with time, although you never forget them.  Good luck.
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Michael this correlation between SIDS and countries that have an aggressive vax schedule might interest you.

Did you know that the U.S. has the highest day one infant mortality rate? (most babies don't leave the hospital these days without having received a Hep B)

My unvaxed child has a higher chance of being killed or injured by a disease?  That is laughable.  You sound like a poster child for a Pharma company.  It's actually the other way around if you consider our current epidemics of Autism, Diabetes Type 1, Autoimmune disorders, etc. (all listed on vaccine inserts as reported adverse reactions).  Read some inserts, you might be surprised.

Do your research.  The truth is out there.  But just  to get you started here is bit of info most don't know about the Polio campaign.

The CDC and big Pharma make up a medical mafia.  There is too much suppressed evidence out there not to draw this conclusion.  Here is a documentary that serves as a good primer on this subject.

I am so sorry for all those that have lost a child to vaccines.  We need a new health paradigm in this country and around the world.  Awake people!
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