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Why SIDS after immunizations???

I was pregnant and came across this forum, I've noticed many babies died after getting there immunizations at 2 months. Why? Does anyone know?? My baby is two wks today and I'm terrified of taking him to get his shots. Thanx for reading.
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There have been widely reported cases of sudden infant deaths following the 8 week vaccination. It's because the child is innoculated with up to 20 viruses in a single session, which, yes, may be necessary in their entire lifetime, but which is overkill when you're living in a crib and in contact with pretty much only your immediate family and friends.
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My son passed away 7 days after getting his 2 month vaccinations. We joined a group of same parents. We were in shock to see so any with the same outcome.

Wait . Let his immune system get stronger.,
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My little girl is 3 months as of Monday, we are only giving her 2 shots at a time. Last month she recvd DTap and Hib. This month she will get Polio and Hep B. I am waiting until next month to give her the CV-13. She responded well to only 2, no fever or crying. Good luck, it's very scary!
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It's because SIDS begin to happen after 1 month of age.  Parents often look for reasons why bad things happen to their babies, which is very understandable, and vaccines are a common scapegoat.  It's for the same reason that autism is blamed by many parents on immunizations.  The fact is that scientific studies have have shown that immunizations actually REDUCE the chances of SIDS.


The UK accelerated immunisation programme and sudden unexpected death in infancy: case-control study (BMJ. 2001;322(7290):822)

CONCLUSIONS: Immunisation does not lead to sudden unexpected death in infancy, and the direction of the relation is towards protection rather than risk.
Immunisation and the sudden infant death syndrome. New Zealand Cot Death Study Group (Arch Dis Child. 1995;73(6):498)

CONCLUSIONS: Immunisation does not increase the risk of SIDS and may even lower the risk.
Do immunisations reduce the risk for SIDS? A meta-analysis. (Vaccine. 2007;25(26):4875.)

CONCLUSIONS: Immunisations are associated with a halving of the risk of SIDS. There are biological reasons why this association may be causal, but other factors, such as the healthy vaccinee effect, may be important. Immunisations should be part of the SIDS prevention campaigns.
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That's wrong.  There is ABSOLUTELY NO CONNECTION between SIDS and vaccinations.

Many people mistakenly think there is, because it's become fashionable to blame vaccines for everything from autism to SIDS to bad behavior in high school.

The fact is that the likelihood of SIDS peaks during the first year, and that also happens to be the time that vaccines are given.  But that desnt ean there is any connection, and studies have shown, over and over, that there isn't any.

The first year is also the time when most babies are nursing - you might as well claim that nursing causes SIDS.  Except it doesn't.

Do the right thing, get your child vaccinated.  It will save their life.  And stop worrying about things that no one can control.
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