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advice needed

Im a breastfeeding mother of a four week old boy. He has been throwing and spitting up a lot and it comes out of his nose too most of the time. I've decided to co-sleep with him in my big bed, with a flat surface and tilted to the side a little, so I can watch him better. This is my fourth healthy baby. Anyone have advice I could do to make him safer from SIDS?
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Has he been checked for reflux?
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Nope. When I brought him in for his two week check they said he was gaining good weight and I told them about the vomiting, I told them I'm burping him more often and not just letting him nurse when he wants to suck, by giving him a pacifier instead. They said that's all good.. but he's still throwing up now. I'm thinking it's reflux too.
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My son the same way he has acid reflux. It also could be a blockage. Have him up more don't let him lie flat I really does help.
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