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this forum took me back to 1997

I was just a little girl around 10 years old the date was march 7 1997. Its was around 9 in the morning when the phone rang. I was watching tv with my mother, brother and sister. My mom picked up the phone my older sister was in the other line she was asking for my dad and was crying my mom asked her what's wrong what's wrong and my sister was in shock I guess and she finally told her I think joseph is dead. My mom got up screamed what what and said she was going to be there at my sis house in 5 min ww lived four blocks away feom her.my mom ran to my older brothers room and woke him up to take her to my sisters house. When my mom arrived at her house she said she will never foeget the scene she walked into. My sister was in the livinf room floor on the phone with 911 and joseph was on the floor next to her. My moms first instincts was to give him cpr she did for 10 min and nothing the paramedics arrive tryed everyrhing and nothing. Joseph was gone he was only 9 months old and they said it was sids. I remember feeling like I was dying I was young but I know what love was and I loved that little boy with all my heart he was my little nephew. He's death affected me a lot when I had my first kid I didn't let him sleep alone till he was 2 years old. I had my second and it was the same now I'm pregnant again and it will be the same way I'm afraid sids will take one of mine and I would die if that would happen. I feel sooo much better letting this out.
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I didn't have an actual born child die but I had 2 miscarriages and never knew the cause. When I got pregnant for the third time it was a threatened miscarriage and when he was born he never left my side. I was so afraid of sids and couldn't stand the thought of loosing him. He is almost 2 and still sleeps beside me. I'm due in January and I have the same fear with this one as well. I'm so sorry for your sister and your family's loss.
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