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if i had the right things to do it i would im sick of being in pain

been depressed for years , i hold everything in , been in sp once, now im back in the wrong moods and im ready to end my life i think ive done everything i wanted to do  im tired of being in pain and also im tired of pretty much everything im tired of being me
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Oh, I know this feeling of hopelessness and helplessness way too well.  One of the greatest, and probably one of the most tedious things about this is that you can do anything.  You have the power to change.  If your tired of being "you" then maybe its time to start over.  Move to a new apartment or house, find a new job, travel, pick up a hobby, etc.  This all sounds great but its tedious because you have to do it.  You can come up with a million exuses like no money or no time, but something everyone needs to do before they die is go out and see the world.  And not only see it, but experience it.
You will die.
You wont be you forever I can promise you that.  Some day you will be laying in a grave and cold and numb.  
So while your here...just live.  Feel things, even if it is pain.
As much as you may think it *****...thats life.  If nothing else, its life.  Its real, and sometimes it f*cking hurts but its sort of all we have.
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