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Dear Group,
I was wondering how many of you have had ablations for your SVT? Of those that have, would you consider your ablation successful? What was your ACTUAL recuperation time? Mine is not yet scheduled but I'm guessing it will be within the next 4-6 weeks. I would really appreciate your feedback!
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I had SVT for 20 year before I had my ablation. Mine had been misdiagnosed for all those year. When I finally saw and ep he told my SVT is the easiest fix of all the arrhythmias and mine in particular was very easy to fix. He was right. It's been almost 2 years and I haven't had a single episode of SVT. I've had some PAC runs but there nothing compared to a SVT attack. I had AVNRT SVT and it required only 1 burn to close of the extra pathway in the AV node.

As far as recuperation time? I would say I was fully recuperated within 6 months. The key is to really listen to your body. Some people talk about going back to work right away. I teach school so I had the summer off but was ready when school started.

I'm so glad I had it done. Just make sure you have an ep who really knows what he is doing. Don't be afraid to ask what kind of experience  he's had and what his track record is. Mine taught other doctors how to do this procedure. Good luck.
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Thanks so much Merileegal! I am having mine done next Wednesday. It seems odd how many people take longer to heal than what the doctors tell us. Everyone says their doctor tells them one week (including my doctor) but that in reality it takes longer. In any case, I'm just looking forward to being SVT-free (hopefully!), so even if it takes longer to heal, I'm ok with that.
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I just had an ablation but i got a question. What is it that heals? The little insert spots in your groin? Ive been healing for a week now and that part apears to be almost healed completly. So is it the heart that heals? Cause i feel like normal except i get very frequent palpitations..
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