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What does svt feel like?

Long story short. I was diagonsed in 2008 with svt. I have had about 5 what i call "strong" episodes. Each time it has regulated by me doing the manuvers that my dr showed me. Even though I was diagnosed with svt I feel like I have something more. It happens all of a sudden. My heart dont feel like its beating, it feels more like it cant beat, like its twitching or vibrating. Then after that it goes into regular but very fast beats which i assume is then svt. Does any else experience this with svt? Like skipping and palpatations? Svt has limited my life. I quit college because by the time I walked to class my heart was flying and I was about to pass out. That is more like svt right? Does anyone else experience svt all of a sudden? I cant help but to shake the feeling that I have something more than svt. Please help me understand this. Also I take carvedilol for svt which seems to help. I looked it up online and it says it is used to treat heart failure. Should i get a second opinion?
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I've had svt for over 20 years and I've been to many doctors. What you're describing sounds like svt. Mine alwasy starts with what feels like my heart flops around a few times and then it just starts racing fast, 240 bpm that last time. I'm learning to really listen to my body. I stay away from too much caffeine, (diet dr. pepper once in a while is all), msg, fish oil, or any other kind of stimulant. Stress also triggers mine.  Also I eat bananas for the patassium and take a magnesium supplement. They seem to make a difference.

What kind of doctor did you see? I didn't get definite answers until I saw an electrophysiologist a few months ago. He asked why I hadn't been referred to him before because he said my svt (avnrt) can be fixed. I'm planning on have an ablation to fix the problem early this summer. If you're not seeing an ep doctor, I would certainly try to do so. This electrical problem is what they specialize in.

Good luck!

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Yes, your symptoms do sound like typical SVT.   My electropysiologist (EP-whom you really DO need to see for this condition) said that SVT episodes start with a skipped, or premature beat...so that is probably what you feel first before it goes into the actual heart racing.  
Sorry you have to deal with this!   Don't feel helpless!  I had an ablation 3 weeks ago, am back running, excercising and feeling (almost) normal......WITHOUT the fear of SVT!!!   I never did try beta blockers because the side effects sounded horrendous.  who wants to be tired all the time???    
Good luck to you!
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yea same you feel as if you are going to literally die it's the worst feeling ever
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I had my first bad episode last weekend that sent me to the ER. I have always experienced small ones but this time I couldn't get it to stop. I thought I was dieing. when I got to the ER my blood pressure was 190/90 because I was so scared and my heart was beating 120 bpm. I'm waiting for the Cardiologist to  see me and hopefully I can get something done about it
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I've never truly contributed much to the internet as far as helping others while I've benefited by the information and reviews provided by others for years. However, after testing it for the last three years, I can safely and sincerely attest that I've successfully controlled my SVT with Life Extension's Super Omega-3s. I take two capsules in the morning after breakfast and two at night after dinner. I don't work for Life Extension or sell their product. I've been taking Omega-3s from other companies since 2003 after reading a medical report that claimed that these oils are stored in the heart muscle membranes in order to prevent abnormal heart rhythms. All the other brands were unsuccessful in preventing my supra-ventricular tachycardia except for Life Extension's. I've told my cardiologist to spread the word. I hope this helps anyone out there who might be suffering from these scary and stressful palpitations.  
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