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svt and exercise

I have svt and I was wondering if it is safe to exercise while u may be having a episode.I have recently been trying to get in shape.Its sometimes hard though because before i even start to work out my heart rate is already up.I will start out on the track doin a fast walk and if im lucky maybe beable to jog some.I feel embarraced because I look in shape, Im 5'4 and weigh about 118.But that doesnt mean a person is in good shape just because they look it..Im always the one behind because of my heart is goin fast.And I dont feel out of breath like most people do when they feel the need to stop.Its like I said my heart rate is up.So anyway is it safe to keep goin ..Is it possible exercise can make it kind slow down...Thats hard to explain...Sometimes it seems if i start out exercising  with my heart rate high, its like it will subside after awhile of doing it..but not always....
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Before i knew i had "SVT" i trained in muay thai. We ran 6 miles a day, along with many other intense work outs. During our runs mostly my svt would trigger and i thought it was just normal for a heart to do that. Till one day when i woke up on the ground with my whole class around me. One on the phone with 911. A pool of vomit where my face landed. I got rushed to the ER.
The doctor told me that i had SVT. And told me that working out is really good. It promotes heart strength. But everytime you have an svt attack it damages your heart. And that working out while having an svt episode will only damage my heart more. So.. I mean u can be like me and not care about the damage, which leads to monthly er visits and getting adinocard shoved in me. Or u can get it fixed. Maybe just take the beta blockers? They never gave me any till a month before my operation so i dont kno if the meds will help..
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I just wanted to say that I have SVT and I've had it since I was 16 years old. It wasn't until now this year (im 24 years old now) that my doctors found out that i had an SVT. I have been in gymnastics since I was 6 years old but had to quit when I started to get the SVT episodes because I was soooo scared and thought I was dying everytime my heart did that (it went up to 194-200 beat per min and once it didn't slow down so I had to get adonosine and it was terrible!)

My doctor told me that SVT is not dangerous and I should exersice, but carefully and listen to my heart.

This year my doctor recommended an ablation to try to fix it, and I decided that it would be the best opition for me, cause the beta blockers weren't working for me...

The ablation was successful (I hope) cause I haven't had any SVT episodes since the ablation (for 7 months).

Hope you are doing okey with your SVT :)
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exercise is good for the heart it strengthen the heart muscles but when you do too much it can strain the muscles and put you in cardiac arrest or give you a stroke .
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