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Gall Bladder Stone Operation and Heart Problems

Hi Doctor,
My father aged 64 is having a 10mm stone in Gall Bladder for which he want to undergo surgery(no preference for leproscopic or conventional) but he is also a heart patient and as per reports, TMT is strongly positive (it takes more then 6 mins to recover in TMT) so doctors are saying it will be a high risk surgery. We are not very sure about how much actually risk is. Though we fully understand that every surgery is stress event for heart but now in that case what is the best solution for us.(is there any non operative option for gall bladder stones)

And for the condition of heart, my father already had a heart surgery(CABG) in 1998. He never had any heart attack as such and that heart surgery was performed as per the diagnosis that time. Even after that surgery some artery were left as it is (with around 25% blockage) and now that is completely blocked but in the operation graft that was used(LEMA) is performing perfectly(patent?). This artery that is blocked can not be opened by angioplasty so as per opinion from cardiologists, complete revascularization of heart is not possible. Some other blockage are also there but even after opening those blockage using angioplasty, stress on heart will not reduce significantly.

We already have asked few doctors but from their opinions we are not very sure about the solution and as the pain is increasing because of gall stone so we need some solution for this problem as soon as possible. Any help/suggestion will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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sounds like gallbladder surgery should be performed for severe symptoms or if gallbladder becomes obstructed/infected
try low fat diet first if symptoms are not so bad
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