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breast infection

I am 45 yrs old and developed acute redness,pain, swelling, and  a large hard area on my left breast. I had a temp of 101.3,headache etc but was being treated for the flu. So, I am not sure if the temp was from the flu or breast infection.
I saw a surgeon ( who has done 2 benign breast biopsies on the left breast in the past) who did an ultrasound. It showed a large area of inflammation but no specific pocket of infection and 2 cysts that I did not know I had. He did a FNA but was only able to aspirate blood. This was sent for a culture. He put me on duricef. I saw him a week later. The area of hardness had decreased. Surprisingly, the culture came back as pseudomonas. My dr was shocked.He took me off the duricef and put me on cipro.He wants to see me back in a month and if he feels anything will repeat the ultrasound. It is still a little swollen and I can still feel an area of hardness.
My questions are:
Is is common for women my age to develop breast infections?
Why would the area begin to resolve if I truly had a pseudomonas infection and began the cipro a week afterwards?
Am I more predisposed to getting another infection?
If the pseudomonas was possibly a contaminant, wouldn't it have shown another bacteria if it truly was an infection?
Thanks for your time.
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The aspiration may have helped to drain the infection ahead of the antibiotics
Pseudomonas breast infections are very rare - Staph and Step much more common
Could come back if you have some blocked breast glands which intermittently get infected
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Dear Grace,
No, Breast abscess is not common at your age (it is more common at young age and lactating mothers). Though no age is exempt.
Pseudomonas is a very uncommon pathogen for breast infection more so in a normal person (not immunocompromized or not exposed to nosocomial- hospital acquired infection). So possibilty of contamination can not be ruled out.
You can't 100% rely or sisitivity beacuse of difference in invivo and invitro (in culture medium and inside the human body) nature of bacteria/ penetration of antibiotic is different. And I dont think in your case just cipro would supress the infection (fever/ large lump is more suggestive of abscess rather than just breast infection; requiring drainage).
Possiblity of ductectasia (with super added infection) can not be ruled out in your case. Please take a second openion
Beast wishes
Dr Tewari (India)  
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Thanks for your comments. The infection seems much better. I hope I do not get another infection. This is the 2nd infection I have had in this same breast. I go back to my surgeon in a couple weeks.
Thanks again.
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