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incision won't heal - infected

My 28 year old niece had surgery on April 16th to remove a very rare cyst on her ovary. I forget the name of it but it wasn’t a dermoid cyst. She is a large girl. DR. tried to perform the operation laproscopically but could not. So he cut her open and then noticed he had nicked her bladder. She was in surgery for over 3 hours. She lost her left ovary.

When she woke up she as in severe pain and stayed that way for several days. After 3 days they sent her to nursing home for additional care because the insurance company wouldn’t let her stay in the hospital.  While in their care, they never changed her dressings, changed her bed linings, gave a bath – it was very strange.

she finally went home after another 4 days in the nursing home.

She returned to the dr for a follow up on April 29th. At that time the DR said he suspected the incision was infected, took a culture. On Monday the DR’s office called and said they called in an antibiotic for her. So she started taking antibiotics late Monday. I should mention she had been feeling very ill.

By Thursday the home nurse was very concerned about her and called an ambulance to take her to the hospital. She worried the infection spread to her blood stream. Turned out it didn’t but they admitted her for another 3 days and used some sort of vacuum on her wound that was sucking out all this nasty stuff.

Follow up at DR this past Friday – he thinks its still infected and noted some sort of hard area. So they started that vacuum thing again but at home.

Yesterday home nurse became concerned again, called DR. Now they have her going to get a pick line placed and changing her antibiotics. This is happening today.

Her incisions is not healing and getting worse every day. I keep telling her she needs to go to a new DR but we don’t know what kind of DR see should see or if she needs some sort of special treatment.

Something is not right.

Thanks in advance
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give it time
these wounds heal slowly
IV antibiotics and the wound VAC should work
reassess in another 7-10 days
good luck
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