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Gallbladder Removal ~ Biliary Dyskinesia (25% EF)

I have been having episodes of pain behind my right lower rib for years along with horrible bloating, belching etc.  I have had a colonoscopy, endoscopy.  I have seen cardiologists and other specialists.  I am 39 and weigh 135 lbs.  Not overweight by any means. I do have High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Vitamin D Definiciency, Fibromyalgia & Anemia.  I am on medication for the first three but my doctor is having trouble getting my Triglycerides to stabilize at a normal range.  

In March I had another "attack" & I actually threw up (first time) what I had eaten about an hour earlier. I am having the right upper pain more frequently that coincides with eating.  Not just fatty foods but lots of things including salad. I had an abdominal ultrasound and it was normal.  All of my blood work is normal.  The only test to come back showing a problem was my HIDA scan with CCK.  I had delayed visualization at 55 minutes and an Ejection Fraction of 25% & diagnosed with Biliary Dyskinesia.  When the CCK was injected I did have sharp pain similar to my pains in the past which reassured me that it was my gallbladder.  It was the same pain and in the same place.  

I had a consultation with a surgeon and he said since I had symptoms like my "attacks" when the CCK was injected, that I would be a good candidate for surgery and had a good chance of relieving my symptoms.  But ultimately it is my final decision.  I am a little nervous at the aspect of surgery and just wanted to ask if this sounded correct to you.  I have read some horrible things that people go through after surgery but have also heard great things.  My biggest concern now is how will my digestive system be after the surgery.  I know it will be a little wacky right after the surgery but should it return to normal if I watch what I eat?  Is it good to add fiber supplements of some sort?

Thanks in advance for any input you may have.

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Thank you for your reply.
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lap cholecystectomy for biliary dyskinesia is a recognized operation
safe and quick
may be out patient procedure
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