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Could it be Swine Flu?

My 4 year old son woke us up yesterday morning crying with a headache. Gave him some meds and he went back to sleep. Later in the day the pain came back then he developed a runny nose. Today he has runny nose, headache and a slight fever. Could it be Swine Flu? My 6 year old daughter woke us up last night with severe stomach pains?? No vomiting but severe pain, she is better today but says it still hurts.
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Hi..I know what you are going through.I have an 8yr old son who has just been told monday that he has influenza A&B both!! The Dr put him on Tamiflu for 5 days...but he is doing great..I took him  to the Dr. because he had a runny nose and a headache.I thought that it was just his allergies,but guess I was wrong..Im not trying to scare you but I would take them to the Dr. and have the Dr. swab both of them to see if they have influenza A or B or both because if they have A  it can turn to swine flu if not caught soon..Im glad I took my son in monday..I  Hope this helps!
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I'd give your children's pediatrician a call and ask what they want you to do. Most clinics want to keep anyone who might have influenza out of their clinics if they can and they should be staffing to handle the increase in phone calls during this years flu season.

Hope your kids are feeling better soon :)

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