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Metallic taste after vaccine

I'm wondering if it is normal to have a metallic taste in your mouth after receiving the H1N1 vaccine? I just got the shot today and notice a distinct metallic taste in my mouth. Anything to worry about?
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Yes, this is very dangerous. If this happens, you should seek medical attention immediately.
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This can be one of the side effects of the [url=http://www.swinefluinfo.org]swine flu[/url] vaccine. You must consult your physician for getting a proper treatment.

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That wretched taste remains in my mouth also. It's been 3 days since I received a Flu Shot for the very first time in my life. Over & over again, I asked the Pharmacist over and over again if there were ANY side effects whatsoever. That I was Disabled & on a bicycle & would not be able to get home safely. Fine, a bitter taste? But collapsing for 24 hours straight, all of a sudden feeling like I HAD the actual Flu? Aches & Pains? Vomiting? Why didn't the Pharmacist WARN me about all of this? That wretched taste is still Lurking, I remain Dizzy, & feel like absolutely Horrid! I just had the Flu one month ago and was FINALLY Cured! NEVER AGAIN.
What is with all of the typing errors on this site? I am an English Professor so they certainly are NOT emanating from MY computer. "It HAS been 3 days...."
"That I was completely Disabled do to a severe Vision Impairment, on a bicycle, and HAD to get home safely. I could NOT experience ANY side effects whatsoever. This "Pharmacist" claimed the ONLY Side Effect I might experience would be a slight swelling/pain in my arm. He did NOT state that I wouldn't be able to get out of bed for 24 hours, even to simply walk my canine, nor did he inform me that I would have all of the aches, pains, and fever that go hand in hand with the actual Flu!! And the Vomiting?? Not to mention I STILL feel feverish and Food tastes absolutely Despicable! That's not my main concern - the tingling - Pins and Needles in my lower calfs is what frightens me. I can't Drive and must be able to bike. Thanks a lot, Pharmacist - I had FINALLY just kicked the AUTHENTIC Flu one month ago - I cannot believe you gave it RIGHT BACK to me!
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Additionally, when this so-called "Pharmacist" discovered that my Insurance covered the entire shot, he decided to jump on the chance and do my OTHER Arm! A Pneumonia Shot. "Just think, you will be saving $450.00, young lady!!" This WILL be continued; I remain far too weak to finish, now that I so wonderfully have the FLU,AGAIN. Who invents these Horrifying VACCINES? Oh? The Chickens??! Yes, Go Ahead, use the poor fowl for your "Scape-Chicken".
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