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My gf got the swine flu (H1N1)..how long till i can see her?

my girlfriend has the H1N1 virus, and she started having the symptoms yesterday, today she is a lot worse with a very high fever..how long till i can see her again? how long will she be contagious? i'm also suffering from strep throat for the past three days so my immune system is more open to viruses and flu. I'm on antibiotics by the way for my strep throat.

its weird because we were together on Thursday and i was sick at the moment suffering from strep throat. She started having the symptoms on Friday and we thought she has gotten the strep throat from me. But now she has other symptoms that i dont like a high fever, and a cough and the doctor said its not the strep throat. Its the H1N1. I guess im safe? if i had gotten it from her i would have to get the symptoms by now?
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Maybe Maybe not it is hard to tell but probably best you stay clear of each other for 4 to 7 days. After the fever has been gone for 24 hours she is no longer contagious. Both My son and I had the H1N1 and it is no fun but as long as she doesn't get hit hard so to say she should recover soon.
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get the vaccine and wait 14 days.  
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