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flu shot side effects

I had the current triple flu shot on 12/11/10, and the following night had something weird happen with my leg - while sleeping, I lifted my leg to turn over in the bed, and it felt like my thigh muscle tore in half (obviously it did not). The pain was excruciating. As I continued to lie still it subsided and I went back to sleep. It happened again the next night. So I stretched a couple times the next day and really stretched with a heating pad on my thigh that night before I went to bed. It did not happen again, but I have a very sore spot where the pain was, and a couple of times I felt like my calf was going to knot up at night. Anybody else have anything similar after the flu shot? I saw on another site some similar reports.
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Actually, this is in response to your alcohol intolerance you posted a few months back AND this post.

Have you ever been tested for Celiac Disease? You mentioned you went off carbs for a while and then developed the alcohol intolerance. A lot of celiacs (who can't eat wheat, rye, or barley without symptoms) have issues with alcohol, especially ones that are grain based. They also tend to develop worse symptoms after they've been grain free, or grain light, for a while. And they also develop all sorts of really weird stuff...like what you are describing with re: to your muscles.

That happens to me, absolutely, if I have ingested gluten and it is exacerbated by something else that is stressing my body. Huge muscles cramps, or feeling like they just tore or ripped or are spasming, even when they didn't tear.

That obviously doesn't mean that this is what you have, but I would seriously suggest that you might want to look into the disease, just in case it might apply. There is an article on the 300 symptoms of celiac disease on a gluten free site that might be of use. :-)

Good luck!
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