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long term effects of swine flu

My daughter had swine flu September 2009 at the age of 20.  Since then, she has had whooping cough in April 2010 and has just been told she has the croup (she is now 21 years old).  There have been numerous ear infections and upper respiratory things since last fall along with her, as she puts it, childhood diseases of croup and whooping cough.  Is there any documentation out there to support the contention that people who have had swine flu are more susceptible to frequent and varied respiratory infections?
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I am not sure about the documentation.  But it sounds like she is what my mom would say "run down."  She needs vitamin c and a good multivitamin with iron.  A healthy diet is also essential.  Have they done blood work?  Is she anemic?  That would cause illnesses and thats why I suggested the vitamin with iron.  Get her "built up" - another quote from my mom who should have been a doctor!!!!
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I don't know, but trust your instincts. It makes sense.
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Since I had the swine flu two years ago, I have had inaccurate taste buds.  The tip of my tongue is very sensitive most of the time, and my taste buds are no longer reliable.  Things taste bitter or salty when they are not.  Sometimes the only thing that tastes good is sweet things.  It is a real problem.......any comments out there???
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I almost died from the Flu shot. I have permanent nerve damage and developed allergies, that I never had before. Write the CDC and ask them to send you documentation of adverse effects. Ask for this, citing the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT. They send me over 200 pages of horrific side effects. People have died from this shot but they do not alert the public..It's trully a cocktail and a money maker, that can bring on more damage, than the actual flu. I had the swine flu years ago and you do acquire an immunity, they don't tell you that either. Be careful..Zee
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I know this is a year old post but yes I had swine flu in 2009 I was 21 and since then i now have chronic bronchitis & asthma. Ever since I've had swine flu my body hasn't felt the same ):
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my aunt who's very old she had vaccine shot in 2009 and had a really bad respiratory condition for like a year after. when the Doc. came back the next year for the vaccine my mother said no more flu shots...
Is flue lead to heart attack?
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I had Swine Flu, never got the shot but I developed anxiety, bad lungs and weak heart, constant nausea and I feel I will never be the same. I was a bundle of energy before the flu. It really got me. So, you see no matter what we do, we can succumb to diseases.
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