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H1N1 Vaccine

Just wanted to let everyone know I was finally able to get my H1N1 vaccine today.  I am 35 weeks pregnant and received the thermosil free, multidose vial version.  The nurse reminded me it is made just like the seasonal flu vaccine which they have to change every year.  Just thought I would let ya'll know.
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I too received mine today.  Thermisol free is not available here yet, but I am over 20 weeks, so they told me it was safe anyway.  You are correct, with the exception of the actual dead dna strand, it is exactly the same as the seasonal flu.  And you cannot get sick from the flu vaccine, it is not a live virus.  I feel so much safer!!
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I am glad you were able to get yours too!  I know you were one of the pregnant women who was very concerned like I was.  I will feel safer when the actual 7 to 10 days is up and I have my antibodies built up.  
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Thanks for your update!
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Anyone above six months of age can get vaccinated against the flu.The flu season is quite unpredictable. While it could begin as early as October, vaccination can start in August, or once the vaccine becomes available in your area.

I came across website which will explain:
Who Should Get the Flu Shot and When?

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