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Status of H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccines by State as of Oct 14, 2009

The formatting isn't terrific but here it is from Flu.gov


2009 H1N1 Influenza Vaccine Supply Status
October 16, 2009, 12:00 PM ET

Aggregate Totals
Posted October 16, 2009, 12:00 PM ET Doses Allocated as of 10/14/09*  11,422,900
Doses Ordered as of 10/14/09  7,971,800
Doses Shipped as of 10/14/09** 5,885,900
*Doses allocated to project areas for ordering are those that are at the distribution depots and ready for project areas to order.
Vaccine is allocated to each project area in proportion to its population (pro rata).

**There is a lag time between allocation, ordering, and shipment of doses as project areas place orders and those orders are processed and shipped.

Project areas reflect CDC Public Health Emergency Response (PHER) Grantees.

For Planners: Vaccine Allocation and Distribution Q&A

For the Public: 2009 H1N1 Influenza Vaccine Q&A, Supply and Distribution

Vaccine Shipment Status
by Project Area
Posted October 16, 2009, 12:00 PM ET
Project Areas  Total Doses Shipped
as of 10/14/09
Alabama 102600
Alaska 25200
American Samoa 0
Arizona 180200
Arkansas 60100
California 836900
Chicago 71400
Colorado 88400
Connecticut 79900
Delaware 15700
District of Columbia 14500
Federal Worker Program* 13000
Florida 242700
Georgia 204700
Guam 2400
Hawaii 32600
Idaho 45600
Illinois 114000
Indiana 240800
Iowa 54000
Kansas 27400
Kentucky 73600
Louisiana 79400
Maine 33300
Marshall Islands 0
Maryland 130700
Massachusetts 189600
Michigan 151200
Micronesia 1700
Minnesota 48900
Mississippi 10000
Missouri 70500
Montana 17800
Nebraska 45500
Nevada 71600
New Hampshire 25600
New Jersey 158000
New Mexico 40000
New York 204800
New York City 151000
North Carolina 190100
North Dakota 13900
Northern Mariana Islands 2400
Ohio 203500
Oklahoma 65200
Oregon 59800
Pennsylvania 218100
Philadelphia 37500
Puerto Rico 42900
Republic of Palau 1300
Rhode Island 15800
South Carolina 74600
South Dakota 17300
Tennessee 160400
Texas 178300
Utah 64500
Vermont 14800
Virgin Islands 3000
Virginia 265100
Washington 75600
West Virginia 46500
Wisconsin 168600
Wyoming 11400
*For more information, please visit: http://www.opm.gov/pandemic/memos/h1n1_20090930.asp  

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So far Colorado has only gotten half of what was promised, which was 30 million. They got about 15 million so far. We've had clinics close down and they don't have enough to pass around to the general public. Anybody else experiencing this?
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I have read that technical failures on production lines is the cause of the vaccine shortage. According to the Health and Human Services Secretary, there will be enough vaccines available for the public by the middle of November.
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I am due December 2nd and I can't find the shot form of the vaccine anywhere in Texas.  My OB and my family doctor haven't received it yet. I actually want the vaccine and it is very frustrating not being able to locate it.  Especially when they are having vaccine clinics in other states. I hope they get it soon.  
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I live in FL. I got the "pregnant" show without Iodine, my 3yr old dd got the shot, 17mo ds shot and DH got the mist.  I hope you guys get it. My friends kids were out for a week with 103 fevers.
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Availability in Alberta Canada started today.  Currently only the regular vaccine is available, the thermisol free will not be available for app. 2 weeks.  I was told (CDC recommendation) to go ahead and get the one that is currently available as I am over 20 weeks.  Seeings how the thermisol free is not available for 2 weeks, then it takes another 2 weeks after receiving the vaccine for it to really kick in, I am going to go ahead right away.  I am more scared of getting H1N1, so I am prepared to take that minor risk.  I also had my seasonal flu vaccine today.  I agree with Kelly and I can't get mine fast enough.
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adgal I am glad you can get it now.  From what I understand the thermosil it contains is very very low and your right it is better to go ahead and get it ASAP!   I am 35 weeks and still can't find it in Texas.  I am extremely aggrevated.  I am one of these pregnant women who are freaking out about catching the swine flu.  Ugh...it is so frustrating. I would really like to have some immunity to the virus, especially before I go into the hospital to deliver my baby girl.  I actually have heard of quite a few more pregnant women dying from the H1N1.  This is so scary!
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My apologies for not being able to keep up with current availability posts .. anybody ... feel free to post updates!

We are just seeing the vaccine  .. I think .. it was slated for Nov 2nd
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