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swine vaccine

do you know anyone who has had the shot, and did they hve a reaction to it
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they do not have the vaccine in the small town where i live, but since i am a senior i doubt if i will get one as they will be short of it, i am a litte leary of it
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Not available here yet either, but I will be one of the first to get it (I am pregnant).  The protocols are the same as the seasonal vaccine so I feel safe.  Also, in my mind the risk of contracting H1N1 is greater then the small risk associated with the vaccine.  Personal choice though.
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Got mine today in Australia. It is free for everyone! Yippeeee! I will keep an eye on any symptoms I have. I am immunosupressed so thought it best to have it. My doctor recommends EVERYONE having it, not just oldies, sick or what ever!
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Yes in our town we got it.The flu vaccine  does provide protection against the specific strain of the flu that researchers believe will be causing illnesses that season for most people. Every year, the flu virus mutates and changes; therefore, new vaccines have to be made and administered each season.
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