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Anybody enjoy watching Christian movies?

I was just wondering if anyone has seen any good Christian movies.

I really liked Facing the Giants...
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Facing the Giants was good.
I also liked Fireproof. It's a powerful movie.
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Ya I know I cried watching Facing the Giants lol :D

And everyone I know is telling me to watch Fireproof but I never see it so maybe I'll do that now..
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there is a movie called the life of jonatan sperry great movie
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I actually watched The Messiah: Prophecy Fullfilled I while ago and thought I'd share it since it just came to mind. I really enjoyed it and you all should look into it, i'm sure you'll like it too.. :D
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I just wanted to say i love this community! :) I really love the movie Bella...it has a great message...although it's very deep. I also love, Facing The Giants, Pamela's Prayer, Fireproof, (the new movie "Courages" should be really good! (Especially because Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar are going to be in it!) :) I LOVE the Duggar family what can I say...
You me us forever was a flop I thought. I didn't understand it at all. My Husband and I watched it and just laughed haha.

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I actually really enjoy all the Chronicles of Narnia movies. A lot of people don't realize these books that the movies were made after were written by a Christian author C. S. Lewis and that there's a lot of symbolism that some don't realize unless they look into it deeper. For instance, Aslan, the Lion, represents Christ and the sacrifice He made for us. The White Witch represents Satan and all his temptations. The children in the story are faced over and over with the challenges of choosing good over evil, right over wrong. They are faced with temptations and must overcome to gain victory.
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Yeah! It's a neat movie. I love the Christian symbolism behind it as well.  
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i watched a movie called the preachers kid,
it was good
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Oh ya I saw Preacher's Kid too it was really good. I won't talk about it cuz I don't want to ruin it for someone else. But it's a good watch..

Any other good Christian movies out there you guys want to share?
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The Passion Of The Christ, Bella, Sara's Choice...
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