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Keeping your conscience sensitive

What do you know about a "seared" conscience?
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Yes...it is being cauterized, hardened to where there is no feeling/tug of the Lord via the Holy Spirit to obey or be aware of God's view.  The dog running away frequently no longer hears the owner's call....the call of the wild consumes with its desire and there is no connection.

Not a good thing to have happen.
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I think a seared conscience comes from many small compromises, until eventually you could careless.

Refusing to want light will eventually lean to being left in darkness. Selfishness is what leads you to have a seared conscience also because instead of whats right we do what best suits ourselves.

It reminds me of the quote: If you don't stand for something, You fall for anything.  
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I think it's a place I would not want to be. I think it's hardening yourself so much you no longer care.
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