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We Both Need Some Prayers!!

We both need some prayers!  After 10 years of seeing a wonderful Pain Management Doctor who was so caring, compassionate and even to our good fortune a Christian !!!   One of us had a bad fall outta a bus which caused permanent nerve damage, herniations, sciatica, degenerative disk disease, etc... The other one, was diagnose HIV+ in 1989 after my fiance never told me he had used IV drugs before we met so that when I got pregnant and then sick, no one knew why until he confessed to the doctor that he had used iv drugs and that us have slept together caused me to get the AIDS virus from him. then he battered me yet my faith in the LORD sent me an angel of a friend but then her devastating accident and then i had three horrible accidents one at a part time job and 2 car accidents causing us both to need a good pain doctor and by the Grace of God we were guided to one after 2 bad ones!!  BUT just like that we were told she is gone????

Now  as i read the internet and see all the horror stories of celebrities abusing pain pills like michael jackson, anna nicole smith and then the teens and adults that get pain pills illegally to get high then overdose had caused pain doctors afraid to lose their license......but i don't understand because if they take their blood and urine they can weed out the real patients suffering from those that are the abusers!!!!

We need the help of our LORD JESUS and some PRAYERS from fellow CHRISTIANS to guide us to a COMPASSIONATE PAIN MGMT DOCTOR that will be able to continue the wonderful pain mgmt treatment that our wonderful kind Dr. Golding had us on that had us both stable and able to get outta bed and do the household chores and garden, etc.....  If only the other doctor would have given us some kind of pre-notice or would call and say he'd be willing to treat us for another month giving us sufficient time to find another pain mgmt doctor and not have to RUSH trying to find a doctor who is willing to follow the rules of the Pain Management Society as per the laws.

Any and every prayer is most appreciated!!!!


Sue and Hilda
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I found a group that fits my needs exactly.  God bless you people.  I have end stage liver failure, but I know God is healing me.  Praise God.
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I hold you up in prayer & ask the father to lead you to someone who will help you with your pain,in Jesus mighty name. Amen

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