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if the lord comes tonite

if the lord  were to come tonite would you honestly be ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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The more evil and darkness I see in the world, the more I long for Christ's return. Sometimes it really gets to me and I can hardly read the paper or watch the news. We need His goodness and light to shine forth in this darkness more than ever.
I do want to make sure all my loved ones are saved too but I pray for them. I know God is faitfhul and trust Him to take care of all of this.
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The bible says that Jesus will come down on clouds blowing his trumpet. every knee will bow, and every tounge confess that Jesus Christ is Lord forever!! therefor i dont believe in a secret rapture either. the world will know. I AM READY TO GO HOME!! People get ready, Jesus is coming!
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Yes but I don't believe in the secret rapture. So I'm just awaiting God's coming that will be audible and visual.

I so believe that I have a long way to go but each day I realize things and strive to have God's character. The kingdom of God starts here and my goal is to be in heaven with my loved ones and bring as many as possible along with me :D
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