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Any IVFer's 40 and over... for June/July

I started my cycle June 3rd.. And i triggered last night with 11 eggs.. So excited!!!! I defiantly feel the ovaries after triggering last night at 830 pm.. Tomorrow is ER At 830am so nervous hope they can get them all..

I have kept a journal of my daily grind!!!

Well wishing BD TO ALL THAT ARE TRYING.. (;
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Hello, Good luck on your cycle, nice number of eggs-is this your 1st ivf?
I am on our 4th, I too am 41 years and on my previous cycles have produced very few eggs(2-3) and only 1 fertilized, 2 cell hence BFN'S- Now this cycle I have 11 follies(i know that doesnt mean 11 eggs but fab for me)I have great eostrogen level and all follies are close together in size, consultant much more optimistic-go for ER tomorow with transfer set for friday, just hoping for that good egg that will divide and STCK during the dreaded 2ww. I have always bled in the 2ww, embie not sticking so pray this will not happen this time, really hoping you get a nice BFP,best wishes melissax
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This was my first IVF.. I had 11 eggies but he only got 3 great mature eggs he said..
the embryologist called me this am and told me all three fertilized which i am thankful for..
They said they will call me tomorrow to let me know how the cells are dividing and that Friday is my transfer as well. and everything looks great... Are they doing a two day transfer never heard of a two day transfer that's kind of soon.. 3 to 5 day transfers sun or Tues for you if you retrieved today.. Well I wish  you sticky baby dust..  If you bled during your two week wait they could have given you a pill called estrace to stop the bleeding.. that's what they told me.. to call immediately
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Congratulations on your 3 fertilized-I didnt do very well at all-got only 4 eggs, 1 mature 3 borderline, calling me this morning to say if any fertilized, then if 1 does transfer tomorrow, 2dt, they do alot of them in our clinic and do have success just not with me, (YET)-Trying to feel upbeat but not very hopefull-this is our last shot-good luck or transfer, mine will be friday too if i get there, best wishes melissa, will ask about estrace but is that eostrogen supplement because believe it or not my e2 levels this time have been high sky! x
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Well my embryologist called today with great news.. all three embies are doing great and are dividing beautifully she said as well..

Looks like were are both gonna be in the two week wait together.. They say all it takes is one magic egg.. Keep your chin up miracles happen everyday..

My E2s were great as well.. estrogen levels fall when u are doing all fsh shots and your egg count is down.. Some spotting may occur during our two week wait .. Its to protect us from spotting when were doing pio shots or using cronin or endemetrian suppositories (sorry for misspelling ) doesnt hurt to ask..

Good luck tomorrow fingers crossed for both of us...
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Firstly hope your transfer went smoothly-we have just got back from ours and I feel that much more comforted-we had an early morning call from the embryologist and straight away I thought the worst, phoning to day our 1 fertilized egg hadnt divided, thank the lord I WAS WRONG! she was kindly phoning to tell us our 1 egg had divided nicely to max cell for 2 day transfer, 4 cells!! So that was a relief to start with, had transfer 8.30 and Mr Curtis our consultant said he had hoped for more eggs as I had lot more follicles but was an age thing. He also said on the plus side he would rather transfer 1 good embryo than 2 or 3 poor quality ones and wishes us real success as our 1 embie looked great-all in the hands of the gods now-just hope i dont start bleeding, just hope it sticks-will update as we go on,test day 1st july, all my best wishes to you melissax
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This great news  for you.. I had to be back at the surgical center this am at 830 with a full bladder.. They took me back after verifying everything. at 9;30 am. All three eggs look great.. I'll post a pick later..The nurses were great and embryologist decorated the petri -dish they were growing in it was really cute.. and gave me an 8x10 photo of my embies growing at 6;15 this am..

My pregnancy check is also July 1st as well..
if you start bleeding call your ivf nurse quickly.. spotting is normal... heavy bleeding isnt..
well good  luck momma to be Melissax (=
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Hello, 7 days in thought I'd touch base-how are you doing?
I am not coping very well, my stomach has been in knots , I know its because I am so anxious-looking out for blood etc , have read so many posts on other sites that I am driving my husband mad! Have you had any symptoms? best wishes as always melissax
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LOl.. I have been an emotional wreck myself having days of doubt and days of being secure with how things are doing.. ect.. I'm bloated still. uhgg!! I have had on and off spells of nausea and mood-swings ,cry spells ect lol.. PIO shots wreak havoc i think.. The last two nights not really sleeping well.. god knows I love sleep..

But today i had more dizziness and some more nausea.. My ART nurse called and I had my  first progesterone test done today and it came back at 67.6 and she said I was cooking along real nice considering there looking for 20.. as there number.. So I hope I.m cooking something good as well..

Well Anything with you..!!! well I hope you have a great weekend (;
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Hello, In England we dont get monitored for progesterone or anything in the 2ww stage, we dont even have beta's here(unless you insist) first thing done on final day of 2ww is take the hcg test from the clinic , which is a very good test and meausures above 50iu(so if its not showing a pink line ) its a neg. I can take a hpt at home i.e like next week but not sure if all my triger would be out(had 10000 2 days before ec) but I've also had 2 x1500 pregnyl injections for leutal support last week(last one being a week ago). Stomach still in knots but thats anxiety! you have good weekend too, until next week, love melissax
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