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Could i be pregnant

I just turned 52 and two years ago I was tested and found out that it was possible that we could get pregnant on our own so i had a tubal reversal done. We use herbal supplements to improve egg and sperm quality as well as various other supplements. My cycle was a bit irregular then i started using Vitex and it returned to normal. I track ovulation and all the other good stuff that goes along with trying to conceive. Now in Feb. I had my period from 13-21 and no period in March. I felt like I was going to begin my cycle but no show. Since the missed period I have gained some weight, have headaches when I wake up, am nausea and vomit sometimes after eating. i also feel like my stomach is bloated, I am constipated, tired and moody. So since we were trying to conceive we are hoping that I am pregnant however most people think im nuts and its just menopause. Other people see me and tell me they think I am pregnant. We want to be pregnant but scared to do test and find out were not.
Has anyone else had these kinds of symptoms and are pregnant.
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