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DHEA supplementing

If there is anyone still around :)  I am in the over 40 group and have heard all of the bad news regarding my odds of getting preg but there are some good news stories out there so all hope is not lost.  I have seen many post regarding the taking of DHEA when trying to get pregnant -- can anyone tell me about this?  I thought I had read somewhere that DHEA was dangerous as a supplement.
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I have also heard that Dhea can be good or bad. I do not take it as it feels as though i would be taking a chance of a negative result making things harder.
I myself have been taking vitex as it is said to even out hormone imbalance naturally and royal jelly is said to improve egg quality. Other than that I also take vitamins and folic acid and drink plenty of water. doing this and cutting all alcohol and caffine can improve chances of having better quality eggs as well.

Another thing. Doctors will always say after 38 or so your chances decrease. that is the base line answer from all doctors. I conceived within 7 months both times. one actively trying one time not. and both times doctors told me i was too old. my eggs were bad and that i could never have a child on my own.

dont give up, a change of diet and eliminating caffine can help greatly.

wishing you much success!  
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Dhea was horrible for me, took it for 3 months under drs care and my fsh doubled! I personally do not think it is good for some if us. Add me as a friend and read my story and journals.
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Thank you!  Just saw your reply -- very new to forums and navigating them :)
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hi :) DHEA is only good for some ladies, in others it can do the opposite of what its meant to do, you should get a blood test to check your levels and if low start supplimenting with 75 mg a day do not go over this, alternatively you could try myo inositol which has no side effects and is excellent for egg quality 2gms twice a day :) There are a number of other suppliments you could try as well including royal jelly and maca :) good luck
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