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Doubts worries and scared?

ladies I am 50 years old and just had 2 beautiful healthy twins in september via egg donor IVF , my advice for all off you is remember this you are not spring chickens, so take it easy if you feel pain take it serious and sit down and rest lay down for hours, and tell you doctor, there is medications to stop preterm labor, do what ever it takes, quit your jobs let the house go and order out. I was so blessed but I had the best doctors and care Jones institute at EVMS in norfolk Virginia where they did the first so called test tube baby / IVF. They are great and have everything you need and are all geared up for such things,  I lived in another city and had a great OB/gyn who correlated care with them Dr. Kemp. I have had my own bio kids and I can tell you the pregnancy is very different with all the hormones injections and all its not natural you know so dont treat as though it is , I almost lost them when my bodys natural process of hormones dropped lower than needed for maintaining pregnancy, i was already doing injections and all the pills to maintain it , but still my body needed more, Being a nurse I knew that blood was a terrible sigh and took action pronto, i called the docs on call and asked if I could inject myself with more hormones, although there was no evidence it would work it did and the babies where saved. read and do research and especially take care of yourself and trust your instincts, be pro active and what ever you must let nothing and no one get in you way of success.
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What joy it must be having your four month old twins in your arms finally.  I find us women will do whatever it takes and not give up to achiev our dream "babies".
Well my story goes like this we've been trying for many years with IVF, IuI's and finally realized that donor would be our next try. We can as far as getting 4 good eggs; however frozen.  We have been trying to transfer at least 2 but I have a failed response to getting a thick lining.  I have regular periods like a clock.  We are thinking or changing clinics and going elsewhere.
Would you remember or recommend what your doctors do prior to your transfer and what number was your lining was at?

Congratulations to your bundle of Joy.
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congratulations on the birth of your babies, enjoy :)
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