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Maca root? Any opinions?

Hi all,

Had an interesting conversation in the gym this morning, and my trainer, who is Polish and also TTC said she was thinking of starting taking Maca root. We had a look online and read so really positive things. Anyone on here tried it, any successes??

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I was on Maca root for just two weeks then my doctor put me on Clomid. I think is great and would give good results. You can also eat sweet pototoes...I am still eating lots of those..which are yummy and good for you...

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I am taking macaroot and vitex per the suggestion of another member.  I have been taking them since late April.  No success yet, but I have heard lots of good stuff about both.
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I had excellent results from Maca. Highly recommend it. When I couldn't get my progesterone up with anything else, I added maca on top of taking Prometrium, my progesterone went up to completely normal level. (It had always been 4, 5 or 6 on CD21. After adding maca, 1st month it was 17.5!) It's an adaptogen, so it supposedly gives you the right amount of whatever you need to help with hormone balance. Hope it helps you, too!
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You're a wonder! :)
Thanks for your input.
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Thanks for your comments. Glad to hear you have had such good results. That's fantastic! I just order some online yesterday, so we shall see....
I'll keep you posted!

Blessings and baby dust!
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Hi Sherri,

Can you please tell me where you get your Maca root, what brand it is, etc. I've been meaning to get some!

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Hi Breezy,
I get macaroot from www.vitacost.com They have lots of stuff for great prices!!

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Ok, so do people use the powder or the tabs, I have the powder, which I was taking in juice, but no fruit for me at the moment, & I just can't stand the taste, so was thing about getting some tablets, anyone have any experience with them?
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I take the capsules for mararoot and the liquid for vitex.

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