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Pregnancy symptoms were maybe a little different

Just thought I'd post the symptoms that made me think I was pregnant for others who also might not have what are textbook symptoms.  Started out with major dizziness; it really made me think when I knelt down and got really dizzy and queasy.  Kept getting the chills; started wondering when I realized it wasn't really cool enough to justify being cold.  Looked it up and found out that some people get the chills and some people get hot when pregnant.  The defining symptom for me; one I haven't known anyone else to have yet (they are probably out there but I don't know about them and my dr's have never heard of it) I get a major headache or migraine when my forehead is exposed to heat--only happens when I'm pregnant and when this happened I was pretty sure.  Any time I get near heat from a grill or oven or get into a hot car; any heat source that hits my forehead--not the top or back of my head; just my forehead; I get an instant headache.   Thank goodness it goes away the minute I get away from the heat.  Had cramping like I was going to get my period; but alot of people get that.  If anyone else out there has had the headache thing or heard of anyone with it; let me know.  Or it you've had any of the other symptoms.  
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Hey Lady,

Thanks for this  info...interesting. Sounds like your pregnancy is  going GREAT. So happy for you. Congratulations again.

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Thanks!  I really feel for those who have morning sickness after being so sick this week with whatever I have.  It has to be verrrry hard on them.  I can't imagine this continuing for any length of time.  Hope you're doing ok!  Haven't seen you around for awhile.
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