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Greetings Ladies...

At last check, we are 30 strong in membership...YES!!! I'd like to Thank Naturschild (NC) for starting this group, because it was an excellent idea & very much needed. It's good to know that we are NOT alone on our journey of TTC at the Beautiful age of 40+.

Having stated the above, we aren't getting much participation on the boards. I think only a handful of the ladies are posting questions, statements or replying to them. We are 30 members, but think I read that if we grow to be larger (not sure what the # is), MH might consider making us an "Official Forum". NC/Amanda, please correct me if I have it wrong.

Having all these BEAUTIFUL 40+ Ladies in the House (being of ONE mind...to conceive & give birth to a healthy bebe) we have so much knowledge, experiences, information and Encouragement to share with one another. There are enough naysayers & "stats" out there to discourage the strongest of minds, but collectively, we can beat that down with encouragement.

So Ladies...Lets Rock this 40+ Ladies TTC Group...we can be in this together on the boards & that encouragement can touch minds & hearts.

I'll start this Roll Call and anyone can update & continue the thread (if it gets outta control (too long) & we have to start a new one.as needed. ;o)

Savanha: I am the ultimate optimist, but I've had some rough days & weeks. ;o) I consider myself a cheerleader for ALL women who are ttc & am happy to share in the joy of others that get that BFP. I do have a special excitement for the ladies that have been told they won't conceive due to "age", who then CONCEIVE, carry for 9 mos & deliver a beautiful & healthy baby.  

I've had 7 IUI's (injectables), 2 IVFs, 2 BFPs (fr. IUI's)--unfortunately 2mcs & this is my 4th yr. ttc. I am preparing my body for my last IVF, if all goes well, in Dec, but until then, it is au naturale. I am very hopeful that I will become pregnant, carry to term & deliver a healthy baby.  Know this ladies...women over 40 get pregnant ALL the time. So be encouraged.

Currently: using progestrone topical cream to extend LP & taking Metformin to "strengthen" eggs. RSSBD to ALL the 40+Ladies.

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Ahhhhh, savvy, YOU ARE a BIG optimist (((HUGS)))  

Well, I'll go next;)
My REAL name is Laura ;)  & I have been married for over 14 years now, have 3 kids all first time tries & natural (BOY THOSE WERE THE DAYS!!!)
2 1/2 years ago we "tried" sorta a few times, but I noticed my periods were weird, & getting painful.  LONG story short as MANY of you know this already(sorry) but I ended up having a endometrioma cyst IN my left ovary. Got pregnant w/out trying, at the time I was trying to get rid of my cyst naturally.  Ended up being a blighted ovem & mc'd @ 7 weeks naturally.  This was my 2nd mc now, first was 6 years prior @ almost 7 weeks after we saw a heart beat ;( also mc'd naturally.
So fast forward.  FINALY agered to surgery last Nov. had my left tube/ovary removed because of my CYST!!!  Ughhhh, BUT got pregnant one month after;)  sadly though had amissed mc @ 11 weeks, after EVERYTHING was going great ;(  SO SO sad ;(
Had a DnC.
This was in early Feb.  So after my mc, my cycles changed just a bit.  I O between CD10-12 now, & didn't catch that til after 3 months when I was having my first US on CD12 in May, just to see how big my follies were (no meds or anything) & I had JUST barely O'd Grrrrrrrrrr.
So that meant that March, April & May were all OUT, I though K, now we know at least!

So in June were didn't try since we were on Vaca w/our kiddos, & there was NO WAY we could;)
Next cycle in late June & late August did Gonal-F  & one IUI (DH count is great) but was paying out of pocket, no pregnancy & I had 3 follies & 2 follies each time.  
I got a referral to see an RE & now I have 6 months of fertility w/IUI
I did the CCCT this month, wasn't too great FSH on CD3 was 10 & on CD10 it was @ 15.
I am speaking w/my RE today & I KNOW he's probably gonna make a big deal of my CD10 FSH reading.
Anyway, we'll keep trying, I truly feel that I have a little boy, WAITING to come to out family.  It's something I cannot explain.  That is the ONLY thing that keeps me trying.  It's not been fun getting poked, surgeries, procedures Dr visits ALL the time etc.......
But I do it, because I feel strong about this little guy;)
I am very bust w/my kiddos, we are a HUGE soccer family, it's a BIG part of our lives;)  My 2 older kids have been playing club soccer for now 5 years, & I manage both their teams, my little one will start next season in club, solife can be CrAzY for us sometines;)............oh yeah, & I turned 40 (still can't believe it!) in June;)
Well, thats it!  Thats me;)
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WOW, I have so many TYPOS!!!  Sorry ;)  & correction, my 2nd month on Gonal-F was in late July, NOT late August..oopsies
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I'm Sue and my DH is Rob. I'm 41 and he's 44. I'l be 42 in December. We are STILL ttc #1. In the past 2 years, we have done 2 IUI's with hCg trigger and Clomid. Both a no-go. My RE said we have a 3-5% chance of conceiving on our own. Insurance won't cover ANY fertility treatments because my E2 was elevated. We considered paying for IUI but my RE said the difference between IUI and au naturale is only 3%, so we going with the latter. I got pg in 2007 at age 39 in just 5 short months. We lost our precious baby boy at 20 weeks gestation due to a very rare chromosomal problem. We grieved for quite a long time. I strongly feel that all the grief and anger had kept us from conceiving again. I recently discovered that I am over the lost of our baby and am ready to move on. I feel as if a huge weight has ben lifted and that I have made physical room in my body for a new baby. I'm feeling positive and encouraged and excited about getting pregnant again.

This cycle, I took 100mg of Clomid cd2-7. I'm also going for weekly acupuncture. According to Answer OPKs, I haven't O'ed yet but the line has been getting darker the last 2 mornings. I'm just so anxious to O already so I can get in the TWW.

I'm glad to be a part of this group. It's true that women over age 40 get pregnant all the time. So, why not us???
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Well most of you MH long timers know my story.
I check this new forum everytime I log on, I just don't leave many messages.
I definitely have some questions so you will be hearing from soon!
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Laura, Sue & Lisa...Thank you all so much for your replies...thought I was out there by myself. ;o)

I know that you all saw the FAB news that Selaiwa just got her BFP...AU NATURALE. ;o)

There is hope.

I hope that others will get on board & really become active in this group...we need it.

Savanha: 2ww...sensing AF...we will see.

Laura: 2ww? Due for beta?

Lisa: Au Naturale this month?


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Well, I want to join the group...although we aren't TTC right now. I had a tubal in July and now am saving money to get a reversal. I'm going to shoot for March for the surgery...and hopefully it works. We don't have any underlying fertility issues, other than the tubal...we got pregnant the first month trying at this time last year. So I'm hoping the tubal reversal will be successful and we will get pregnant easily again. I turned 41 in July, so I will likely be 42 by the time we can TTC again. Keeping my fingers crossed....

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Hi there! I've already posted my general info on here so I won't put you guys through reading all that again. I'll just say DB and I are both 44 and  TTC the old fashioned way right now.
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Perhaps I'm the oldest one here.  45 years, but I certainly don't feel old!  My husband is 47. TTC for 10 months.  Yep, I was 44 when the maternal instinct (or biological clock) finally kicked in.  (Why did I wait so long to start trying???)  When we started trying, I thought that because my cycles were like clockwork, and I feel young, and my FHS was 6.1, and I had 12-14 resting follicle, we would do fine.  Had our first IVF cycle in July/Aug 2009 with 9 eggs retrieved, 6 were mature, all 6 fertilized, and 5 of 6 were aneuploid (6th did not amplify, so no information).  I was astonished at first, but have since read & learned a lot about anueploidy and maternal age.  Now, the odds are slim, but NOT ZERO.  Starting our second IVF cycle this month.  There are amazing stories of inspiration and success, so I won't give up.  
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Hello everyone -

It's nice to be able to share our experiences with other women who are facing the same obstacles - time and age.

I just turned 42 a few days ago.  I am a professional, so I put family and kids on hold until I was finished with school and established in my career.  Time just flew by.

When I became 35, I said to myself that I should start working on a family.  The next thing I knew was that my 40th birthday was approaching and the time clock was ticking.  I still feel 28, but my ovaries don't think so.

I have had problems with my period since 1995 - doc said I had PCOS, and that I could still get pregnant but may need the help of drugs.  I've been ttc for a few years naturally - no luck.  Started metformin and then started getting my periods, then clomid - no luck.

Am now in my first cycle of IVF, 7 days post 3dt on Oct 3rd,  4 embryos (9-cell, 8-cell, 6-cell, 4-cell;  3 grade I (excellent) and 1 grade III).  Am in the 2ww - a lot more stressful than I had thought.  My beta test is 10/14.  My insurance won't cover any fertility treatments, so this is all out of pocket (so far $20K in 2 months).

Enjoy that I am not alone - it's hard to talk with friends and family, they just don't understand.

Thanks for starting this group!

Kathy from CA
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Hi Savannha,
We are just practising unsafe sex during my fertile week :).   All my pregnancies including my dd were done that way.  
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Hey Ladies...

Thanks for hitting up the thread. ;o)

Savanha: 2ww...sensing AF...we will see. Au Naturale

Laura: 2ww? Due for beta?

Lisa: Practicing unsafe SEX w/hubby!!! Aaaaaah. ;o)  Au Naturale this month

Tricia: Planning TR in March

Suz: Old Fashion bding party...Au Naturale

Susan: Sexy Young Thang & all ;o) IVF this month (Oct)

Kathy: 2WW- (IVF:7 days post 3dt on Oct 3rd) we have er'thang crossed for ya lady. ;o) Mounds of RSSBD 2U.

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Update Ladies...

I'm new at keeping/running the list, so please bear with me. ;o)

Savanha: 2ww...sensing AF...we will see. Au Naturale

Laura: 2ww? Due for beta?

Lisa: Practicing unsafe SEX w/hubby!!! Aaaaaah. ;o)  Au Naturale this month

Tricia: Planning TR in March

Suz: Old Fashion bding party...Au Naturale

Susan: Sexy Young Thang & all ;o) IVF this month (Oct)

Kathy: 2WW- (IVF:7 days post 3dt on Oct 3rd) we have er'thang crossed for ya lady. ;o) Mounds of RSSBD 2U.

Selaiwa: Got her BFP...Yesssss! Congrats to her
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Maybe I haven't been around long enough to know the kind of info you want, but here's my story (as I'm sure many have already heard):

My name's Jo and the journey began for me at 39 when I finally sought help for extremely painful periods.  It turned out I had fibroids which the RE thought was impacting on ferility so I had them removed.  Once healed, we started TTC through fertility drugs (Clomid, gonal-f, Repronex, Puregon, etc, etc).  I responded best to Clomid + injectible.  The first round I got pregnant after 4 IUIs (+ acupuncture) but it ended in a cornual ectopic pregnancy.  As my body tried to reject it, they think I had an autoimmune response which resulted in Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS - the one you hear about after people get vaccinations).  It was horrible and literally knocked me off my feet for a year.  Once I got off my medications and started feeling better, we started TTC at the clinic and, after 5 stimulated IUIs (+ acupuncture), got pregnant!  I am 41 years old and currently 21 weeks pregnant.  We made it through the screenings and, as directed by my OB, I've been instructed to relax :-)  I'll deliver at 42.

For me, the stories of people getting pregnant at or over 40 gave me hope that it would happen to me and gave me the strength to keep going, no matter how frustrating it got.

So, in summary:

Jo: TTC through fertility clinic for 2 years; BFP in May; delivering in Feb
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Hi, All,

I am Wendy from northwest Ontario, and I am 44, my DH 47, and we are TTC #1 au naturel.

Perhaps some of you have seen my posts about my husband's sperm - so I'll leave most of that out and just say that after some adventures he seems to have improved his hormonal (and assumably sperm) status immensely through natural methods.

In the mean time, I went through fertility testing myself back when I was 38, since at that time it appeared we would have to rely on technology to produce a baby. All seemed to be well with me. I've always had very painful, clotty periods, but a hysterosalpingogram and hormone testing came out fine, FSH at 6, where it stayed for years after that (last tested when I was 40). Went through at least 6 IUIs with frozen donor sperm, and even tried donations from a couple of close friends. I was probably too stressed for anything to happen, so it didn't.

Now we live in a much nicer place, and financial and other stress is reduced - plus there now seems to be a reasonable chance at conceiving with my husband's sperm - which improves my motivation and hopes immensely! I still feel young and cycle every 28 days like clockwork.

I take 25mg of DHEA per day - hubby takes 50mg, plus l-carnitine and l-arginine for sexual function and sperm. We both also take fish oil. No particular health issues for either of us, fortunately.

I'll be in the October TWW in a week. Glad to meet you all!

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Hello Ladies!
I've been on the Pregnancy 35+ board and am happy to see a new one for those of us who are over 40!   Perhaps I'm a little stuck on the semantics, because it would have been nice for this group to be called "Pregnancy 40+" instead of "Trying...." oh well!

Anyways, here is my story.  I've been with DH just over 2 years. Got pregnant right away 2 years ago but it was a blighted ovum. That horrible miscarriage landed me in the hospital (you wouldn't think, would you)...and yeah, I was too scared to try again.  WAITED. ONE. WHOLE. YEAR.  I was ready to try again last October and conceived right away, but that ended in a chemical.  Another pregnancy last December that ended in a chemical in January.

In the meantime my twin sister announces her pregnancy and there is a mini baby boom at my office.  I am surrounded by women with swelling tummies and stories of uncomfortable symptoms.  

I go to a fertility clinic to find out if there is anything wrong with me.  My RE finds out I have elevated antibodies that may have contributed to the losses.  This gives me hope but his general negativity towards me stresses me out for the greater part of 2009. I don't just dislike him, my feelings towards him are much more intense, but I don't have months to find another doctor and I figure I'd be getting this flack from all of them.

I didn't want to get pregnant and have another chemical fior my wedding so I take a month off TTCing. When I came back from my honeymoon, I started monitoroing by my RE.  I developed a functional cyst and didn't that stop my period for 3 WHOLE months.

In July my RE told me he's sorry, he didn't think I'd get pregnant at my age.  But I did, that very month.  Did acupuncture.  Went on progesterone, baby aspirin and daily blood thinning injections.  But the baby never developed a heartbeat so my RE did a D&C in September.

I told myself in September that that would be it.  I wouldn't try again.  I've been upset and depressed but the baby boom at my office has now ended, the mothers are home with their babies.  I've started running again.  I'm feeling normal.

I know the miscarriage rate for women my age are 50%.  Well...I've been one for one...but this most recent time was the first time I was on the proper protocol for my antibodies. So.  I am going to do it again.

I'm turning 43 in a few weeks. Looks like AF finally showed her face today, so I'll be TTCing very soon.

So that's been my story.

Good luck to all of you here!!!  I really hope this turns into an active, supportive board.


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Hi everyone,

What a wonderful group and I am proud to be here with you all. Many of you may know my story so I will try to keep it short. I became a member in 2007 at the age of 46.
I had an ectopic pregnancy at the age of 17 in which my right tube ruptured then at 31, I  married and got pregnant with twins which ended in a miscarrage in my 3rd month.I divorced then remarried at 45. We started TTC about 6mths after we married. After trying for 4mths we decided to see an RE. We did all the test and our results came back great.
Our RE was willing to try IVF with my eggs due my numbers being so good. So in May  07 we tried. I had a good cycle. We retrieved 7 eggs, 5 fertilized and 3 made it to transfer. But no baby. We then decided that due to my age and the cost we could not keep trying with my eggs so we went with a donor. The first cycle with a donor and the second IVF also did not work. So we decided to try again. This time it worked, we were pregnant. At the age of 47 I delivered a beautiful baby boy! We have 4 snow babies in waiting. We would like to try again possibly in December.
It was a long journey but worth everything we went through. I wish you all the happy ending I have had and hope to have again.
The support here is wonderful. I couldn't have made it through all the disappointing times without you to talk to and to rejoice with you about the good news.
Savanha, you are awesome!!!!! I love your positive words. Stay strong ladies. We can get through anything with each others help.
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Hey Deb....

Missed ya...so glad you joined the TTC 40+ group.  Here's to your TTC in Dec. ;o) Give baby Thomas a kiss for me...just love baby kisses.  

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Update Ladies...

I'm new at keeping/running the list, so please bear with me. ;o) If something has changed, please post so that we have your current info correct.

Cheers Ladies...

Savanha: CD#1 (AF visits) Started Evening PrimRose Supplements Today...

Laura: 2ww? Due for beta?

SueG: In the 2www...exciting! ;o)

Tricia: Planning TR in March

Suz: Old Fashion bding party...Au Naturale

Susan: Sexy Young Thang & all ;o) IVF this month (Oct)

Kathy: 2WW- (IVF:7 days post 3dt on Oct 3rd) we have er'thang crossed for ya lady. ;o) Mounds of RSSBD 2U.

Lisa: Practicing unsafe SEX w/hubby!!! Aaaaaah. ;o)  Au Naturale this month

Wendy: TTC #1 au naturel...will be in TWW next week.

Mira: Will be TTC very soon.

Debra: Planning on TTC again in December- 4 snowbabies ;o)

Congratulations ~BFPs

Selaiwa:  5wks-- Due: June 2010

Jo: 19wks-- Due: Feb2010
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Savanha -

Thanks for all the mounds of RSSBD - It worked!
Had my first beta today and it came back BFP at 105,  second one in two days.
Am cautiously excited - many hurdles to cross, but keeping my spirits up!!  
I just turned 42, ttc naturally for years, first round of IVF.
Will keep you posted.
Lots of prayers to all of you.
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Congratulations!!!!! What a GREAT number for your first Beta.
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My turn :)

I'm 42 and TTC with new DH.   He is 38 and has never had children.   I have an 8 year old girl from a previous marriage.  

I also feel 28, so cannot understand at all why my body isn't agreeing with me.    I got pregnant first time trying with the 8 y/o, hmmmm :)

We started trying in February of this year.   Beginning of August I went in to RE for first time and set up a plan for Femara, Gonal-F, and IUI.   However I never got to start this plan cause I got pg on my own (go figure).   I did the HPT on my husbands 38th birthday and it was BFP, unfortunately I had a m/c 1 week later.   Happy Birthday...oh nope, not so much :(.

So here I am, finally got my first AF after the m/c and on CD 7, finishing my 5 days of Femara today and starting Gonal-F tonight.   I had an u/s last Sunday and the RE said lining was great, and he believed that we would be dealing not with quantity but with quality.   He figured my FSH would be high, and it was (13), but he claims I shouldn't worry, because getting pg on my own in September already was beating the statistics, so he gave me a pretty good feeling.   Hoping and praying he is right.

Thats my story for now, IUI hopefully on the 22nd.    I'll let you all know :)

Good luck to everyone here TTC, its a frustrating struggle
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Hi Alexis!

Just wanted to say, glad you have an optimistic RE! No reason they shouldn't be - but, you know how docs tend to be. I think optimism actually increases fertility!

Keep smilin'!

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Ok, me
My turn :)

I'm 41, will turn 42 in December :( and TTC with DH.   DH is 41.

I have a 14 year old daughter from a previous marriage.  No trouble conceiving, but then, I was 26!.  I had a c/s due to a lazy doctor.

Got divorced, then remarried at age 33 and got pregnant right away.  Had a miscarriage at 11 weeks.  Four months later I was pregnant again, and had a baby girl (she just turned 7!).  I suffered a complete uterine rupture during her birth and had a very hard recovery.  

I had a D&C for uncontrolled bleeding and hyperplasia at age 37 and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.  Just a few months after being on thyroid replacement, I got pregnant again! At age 38, and had a miscarriage at 13-14 weeks for unknown reason.  

I had another D&C for polyps in December 2007 and saw an RE.  He said I had a borderline blood clotting disorder and prescribed daily baby aspirin.  I was just turning 40 at that time.  I tried 4 months of injectables with clomid or femara (a couple of months of menopur with each).  But no pregnancy.  

I am trying completely naturally now, of course, unsuccessfully.  

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