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Still trying

What happend, are all the ladies over 40 giving up? Not too many post. I had a mc early Dec. I hope now that every month I concieve. I will keep you posted.
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I'm still here, I know it doesn't seem like we come here much!  I am 44, 3 months post TR, and I am 11piui with injectables, I'm just waiting, how bout you?
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You're right. It does seem a little quiet on our board lately! I think partly it's because we communicate through our mood status, journal comments, and notes to each other. People usually come here when they have a particular question. But would be good if this could be an ongoing chat-type thing! There are LOTS of us 40+ who aren't even close to giving up! :)

I am very sorry for your loss by the way, Sissy. I think a large majority of us on here have been there and can really understand. I hope you NEVER have another one. We are here for you if you need any support about that or anything else. Many women conceive soon after a m/c. Hopefully you will! Good luck! SSBD!! And Happy New Year!
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Hi, I didn't mean to seem insensitive, I truly am sorry for your loss! And I too pray you never have to go through that again!
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We're still here....

I am so sorry for your loss.  It's one of the worse things that can happen to a woman...hang in there and I hope and pray 2011 will bring you success...

I am towards the end of my 2ww and my hcg is due for tomorrow but we can't decide whether we'll do it tomorrow or the weekend.

SSBD to all of you lovely ladies!
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I am 41 and will be TTC in Jan after a D&C on oct 13th, SSBD to all of you
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I am new to the group and you better believe I am trying, I am not giving up..this week I started my 2nd round of Clomid...
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Just started my new cycle, and really wishing AF would go away, so heavy this cycle! Praying that 2011 is the year for all of us!
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I am for sure here.  Just finished my first round of Clomid and been making sure we BD about every 36 hours.  I was laughing yesterday morning when dh asked me before he got out of bed "what's our schedule?"  Bless his heart... I think sometimes we forget how hard it is in the men too.  I started thinking after he said that how it must be so frustrating for the men.  They are completely out of control.... they can't do anything to help besides deposit sperm when we say.  Let's look at the bright side ladies... at least we have something pro-active to do.... vitamins, temping, drugs, opk's... then hpt's (starting from 6 dpo :-) LOL).  These poor guys have to just sit back and do nothing but wait for our comments and directions.  Anyway... just thought I would put a little something out there for our men, to remind us that we are not the only ones going through all the stress... that is some ways it would be worse to not be able to do anything.  Gotta love them!!!

Okay.... enough about these good guys!  I will try to be better about posting updates and things I'm doing in these message boards so that our new friends have a greater benefit to everything we have learned.

MissRo- welcome to the group and please let us know how your second round of clomid goes.  I had the weirdest experience on clomid because the doctor kept warning me that it would make me really moody. It seemed to have the opposite effect... I felt perfectly fine and one might even say... better and happier.

Sassysissy-  I am so very sorry to hear about your MC.  Sherri is right... many women conceive again right after a MC... I hope that happens for you!  

Juliaschill- welcome to our group as well.  I don't think I have seen your here before.  SSBD!  Please let us know what you are doing and how it is all going.

Futermama2010-  Super Sticky Baby Dust to you!!!  Hoping and praying that you get a BFP!!

Melanie - You're not out yet!!  I still have high hopes for you this cycle!!

Risa - AF is usually heavier when we have good ovulation... so let's look on the positive side of that.  Yes, she can go away now so you can move on to the TWW!!

Best of Luck to all of us in 2011!!!  Oh.... one more thing I wanted to tell all of you.  This morning as I'm laying in bed with my knees up to my ears for the alloted 1/2 hour... dh asked me, "so when can we test?"  I told him that the earliest an hpt might show a faint line would be in 10 days from when I ovulate.  I explained again how egg meets sperm in the fallopian tube, then takes 4 days to get to uterus where it will have to hatch, then begins implanting and it would take at least 2 days from when it is implanting to show enough hcg in urine.  Welll..... why am I rambling all of this to you??  Because he just immediately said... "that's what's happening".  He has never made comments like that before and has never asked things like when can we test.  So I said, what do you mean.... do you mean?  He said again "that's what's happening" and I said..... why.... do you think that this is the month that I will get pregnant and he immediately said "YES".... I said.... boy or girl.... he siad.... "I don't know".... I said, but you think it will happen.... he just said "YES".  God, I hope he's right.  It's sending chills up my arms as I'm typing this, simply because he hasn't been that interested, nor has he ever said anything like the whole time we have been trying!  Hmmmmmmm.
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Thanks ladies. I read women can have children until menapause and do if they have not used dc. I am going to begin monitoring my temperature.
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I too am still here.15 dpo still nothing but iam not giving up. I lost one in Oct and I know I will be blessed again
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I'm here too! I just finished my 2nd round of Clomid and I am working on lowering my FSH with yoga, acupunture and wheatgrass. I was told last month that I probably couldn't get pregnant on my own with my FSH of 15 but I was pregnant earlier this year so I'm not ready to give up yet!
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You are right....it is not easy for our partners too....DH takes such an active interest this cycle that it melts my heart.  I haven't been allowed to do much during the 2ww and its hilarious that he carried my handbag at times.  I always thought I would never be one of those women who lets a man carry my handbag and 10 years later, here I am! LOL!  I guess he must have listened to my mum's dos and don'ts and one of the don'ts is not to carry anything heavy! Also made me realise how much junk we carry around as bags get bigger! LOL!  coming home finding him cooking a meal was a delight!

Your DH sounds so sweet .....and intuitive!  so fingers crossed.  Sometimes men can feel the real energy around as they are not like us...they are more in control of their emotions.  After rounds of failed IVF, I realised I stopped listening to the voice within and instead, was filled with so much anxiety, doubts, confusion and worry that I couldn't "feel" what was going on...

I hope and pray the New Years kicks in with a wonderful surprise for you!!!

SSBD to all...and Happy New Year! 2011 is gonna be OUR year ladies!!!!
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Amen, Happy New Year and Extra Super Sticky Baby Dust To All Of Us!

I have one of those husbands too! So sweet and kind!  I am so Lucky!
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I am still here. I just did my first round of Clomid and I am keeping my fingers crossed. My husband told me last night that I look Pregnant??? He said my breasts are getting bigger and rounder. Lord I hope and pray that he is right. I am so so sorry about your miscarriage. I had one back in June. I was so devastated but I am still hopeful that it will happen again. Ladies I hope that 2011 is our year also. SSBD to all of us. Happy New Year Ladies.
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I'm here too! I'm turning 48 at the end of this month; just finish my 3rd FET and will go for the 4th one around March.  I'm not ready to give up yet!

Happy New Year.

Sending Super Sticky Baby Dust in 2011 To All Of Us !
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Hi, I am 42 and all hope has gone out the window I'm done.

I had my tubes tied when I was 21 (1989). In 1994 met a wonderful man and fell in love all over again but better. We looked for a Dr. that we could to do TR no luck. In 1998 we got married and decided to do Ivf I was 6mos ended in a miscarriage, a month later tried IVF again no luck didn't take at all. In 2001 we tried a different Dr. went through IVF twice again no luck didn't take, both Drs couldn't believe what happened and didn't know what went wrong. I dropped everything and stopped trying due to the expense. In 2009 DH and I found a wonderful Dr to do TR I wished I could have met him sooner, June 3rd of the same yr had TR done, after waiting 6 mos with no luck in Jan 2010 Dr prescribed clomid 3 mos of clomid got BFP with a faint line at 4 wks it didn't stick around, so after that one I stop using clomid and went on my own no luck. We decided to go to another RE after doin FSH and all the other test that follows all came bk with good numbers he couldn't understand what the problem was either, so he sugested that if I had frozen embies left that I could concider going with IVF again being that my embies were made when I was 32 this is out of the question wish I could but to expensive coming out of my pocket again plus having to pay 3000 for unpaid charges for storage fees. So with that said we were hoping and praying my body would make our own babies no luck. After 18 mon of trying with no luck I have given up I'll be 43 in Feb. I thank god for my 3 wonderful kids he has blessed me with.  

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Oh Honey, I know how you feel!. I'm feeling beat down myself! Today I am 13piui with another bfn, I will be 45 in June. I really don't want to give up! I know that with all the expense of fertility being out of pocket it puts so much more stress on you!  Don't give up!
We are here for you!
Hugs and SSBD,
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I am so sorry you are having such a bad time.  It does seem so unfair.  I understand what you mean about the expense of it.  The expense is the only reason I haven't gone that route.  I haven't even gone to an RE at all.  I have only had my ob prescribe clomid.  I just always imagined that I feel bad enough that I can't get pg, but would fee worse if I spent 50 grand and still didn't get pg!  I have talked to my ob about it and she has always told me that she thought that was sound thinking, since my chances are so very low.  Of course I'm 2 years older than you and have high fsh.  I think if I had embies though, I would reconsider.  Just a thought... if you had those embies thawed and implanted into a surrogate, the odds I would think would be extremely good that you would end up with a healthy baby.  It would be more expensive, but would probably be more of a sure thing.

We are all here for you and I do hate to see anyone give up on something so profound, when it's what they really want.

Mel- I just don't know what to say about your bfn!!  It just almost angers me!  I hope to hell your beta shows a bfp.  I certainly don't understand all this biological stuff, but it just seemed like it should have been a sure thing with all the follies!  Sorry, I'm having a bad day myself, but when I think about all the women (girls) that just get knocked-up, but have no business parenting, when I think about all the people who have kids and mistreat them... it makes me sick!  Just is not right.

Best of luck to both of you....
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I guess your right, it ain't over until it's over....beta in the AM
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I think there comes a point when we do just say "I've had enough!" - I myselft have said it about three times now (LOL!)  Taking the 2.5mg femara this month, ordered some wheatgrass, taking my daily baby aspirin (all just as "extra" insurance).  We are "on schedule" to bd Friday - Sunday (should "o" on Monday).  It really bites that my significant other lives so far away - makes bd SO much more difficult.  And so much for the every other day thing.  We do it whenever we get together - which is every weekend :-)

Not going to give up until menopause shows up!!! LOL!
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My DH just LOVES this TTC stuff.  Not that he takes an active interest in what exactly is happening, but he likes being needed for BD'ing on a much more frequent basis than when we are not TTC.  I try to harness his excitement by telling him to consider it more like a medical procedure (I'm such killjoy), but I have to ladies - I just can't have him thinking I am going to be swinging from the chandeliers or anything!

So, where is everyone in their cycle?  I am on my 1st IUI cycle and 1dpiui.  

Good luck to all us ladies - 2011 is going to be our year !!

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Hi you, I'm am day 4 into injectables, I have u/s and bw on Friday! Enjoy your 2ww!
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Hey Mel!  Hurry up and join me in my craziness!  Hoping you trigger this weekend and have your IUI Monday - talk about a GREAT day to conceive!! {{{Hugs}} Heidi
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Hi Heidi,
   I'm trying to catch up! I have my b/w and u/s in the am tomorrow. I hope I'm ready! I have a crazy headache all day today, don't know if its from the Gonal-F. I forget how many days you are ahead of me, I'm going to check it out!
Good luck
Hugs and baby dust
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