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Greetings Ladies...

It's 2010...Our year for a BFP w/a Grin! ;o)

Blessed, Safe & Prosperous New Year To Everyone!

We are 70 members Strong we are! ;o)


If you are on the Roll Call List & would like to be removed, please don't hesitate to let me know. I know sometimes it gets a little sticky and we may need a break from the TTC Journey & Journal. ;o)

PLEASE, if you are on the list...post some sort of update, even if you are still ttc Au naturale, in tww, "no changes", please remove me, started AF, etc. I'm really trying to keep it current and would appreciate the feedback. Thanks ladies.

I'm soooo excited for all of our BFP's!!!  Waaaaay to go all you sexy mommas!! ;o) We are collectively sending out SRSSBD (some really seriously sticky baby dust) to ALL the "Honeys",  and a lil bit X-tra to those with BFPs. ;o) Our list is growing. If something  
changes, please post so that we have your current info correct.

Cheers Ladies...

Savanha: ttc~Au Naturale...til green light for IVF! AF finally arrived!! CD9 (01/25)  

ita17 (Laura):  ttc~ Au Naturale...starting Acupucture & Herbs    

SoCalTricia (Tricia): Planning TR in March

SuzM (Suz): ttc~Au Naturale...

SusieQ64 (Susan): ttc~Au Naturale...

TreeFrog7 (Wendy): ttc~ Au Naturale...tww (01/06)

Miranda9 (Mira): ttc~Au Naturale...

Mature Momma (Debra): Planning on TTC again in Feb2010 4 snowbabies ;o)

alikat1205 (Kat): ttc~Au Naturale....

Lilian69 (Miranda): ???

AliceW: ttc~IVF....CD17 (01/20)  

sophiejeanne (Stephani): ttc~Au Naturale....CD5 (01/20)  

Naturschld (Linda): Will actively ttc~ again--Feb 2010.

Marcy: ttc~Au Naturale...  

Mjmom69: ttc~Au Naturale...  

Kathy421(Kathy): 2nd IVF (approx~2months)

Pum (Heather): ttc~ Au Naturale...CD25 w/Positive *wink* energy ;o) (01/20)

Sherri90049 (Sherri): ttc~Au Naturale...8DPO (01/20)....Colonic on the RISE! ;o)

Klar009 (Catherine): ttc~Au Naturale.... Organic diet +supplements to improve body.

Justtolate (Just): Preparing for FET... (eggs 4day fertilization~01/10)
mlb1234 (?): ttc~Au Naturale...w/injectables...CD16 (01/20)

ethyl563 (?): ttc~Au Naturale?...

Congratulations ~BFPs

JourneyJoJo (Jo): 36wks... Due: Feb2010

Mybabypooh (Silvana): 9wks...Beautiful & Strong HB~122 next u/s 12/18! ;o)

Sue68: 13wks...! ;o) Ammino~ 27 Jan 2010

Babyrussell (Saada):  11 wks. due~ Aug 2010

Alexis2358 (Alexis): Congratulations...BFP (01/13) U/S: 01/28...betas "tripping"!!! ;o)

Breezy300: BFP!!! Yes...Au Naturale! Congratulations.

~Cheers & (((HuGs)))

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Sounds good!! Definitely keep us updated and we'll keep hoping for you!


I was diagnosed with a subclinical hypothyroidism in October. My acupuncturist predicted it before I had the blood work, due to some of my answers to her questions (weight gain in the past couple of years, some sadness, tend to be cold). I didn't think much of the symptoms, though, b/c one of my closest friends suddenly died almost 3 years ago (hence, the depression), I completely stopped exercising and started eating a bunch of junk (hence, the weight gain), and I've always been cold.

Anyway, I now take a natural (Rx) thyroid medication. They said it would make me feel completely better in a matter of weeks, but I haven't noticed a difference. Hypothyroidism, however, can interfere with your ability to get pregnant and to stay pregnant, so I strongly recommend you get checked. When they do your blood work, just ask them to check your thyroid levels as well. The thing is, many doctors will say you're in a normal range when, for pregnancy purposes, you might not be. I think it's the TSH number that they WANT to see BELOW 2. If it's not below 2, my current RE is not happy.

Hope that helps!
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Breezy; Thanks hun ;o)

Acupuncturist are smart ;)  I hope so bad you get a healthy BFP VERY VERY soon ;)

AFM; Today I went in for my CD8 US b/w........well, I had this morning, 5 FOLLIES now in my one lil ovary ;)
21x15, 20x13, 17x15, 16x14, & 14x13!!!  I was a little nervous & my RE says to me " I'm not one bit worried about you having quintuplets, it's just not going to happen, "IF" we get one good egg, that will be a success!  Remember, (he says to me) only 1 out of 10 of your eggs are any good"!  
OMGOSH!!!!!!!!!  Good thing I like him!  I said to him when he said everything looked good, that not too bad for only having one ovary, & being 40 1/2!  He says to me, yeah, you're not getting any younger, it's only going to get harder"!

I though, WOW, GOOD thing I don't have low self esteem!!!  I was laughing when the nurse was taking my blood, cuz I said to her how MEAN & RAW he is, & she quietly said, yeah sometimes I can't believe the things he says to his patients..BUT he just doesn't want to give out false hope, & a lot of RE's do that"

I think he just has "short man" complex LOL  He's seriously like 5'2" ;)  BUT I really do LOV his staff, & he's not too bad, I KNOW I probably bug him w/all my questions/comments, but I DON'T CARE LOL

Oh, & my e2 is great, it was @ 715.....so tonight will probably the last night for me on Gonal.....HOPEFULLY forever!!!!  @ 225 IU's, & I go tomorrow & hopefully trigger ;o)

Thats it for now!  Hope everyone is doing well!
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SoCalTricia (Tricia): Planning TR in March

UPDATE: My TR is scheduled for February 20th!!! I'm nervous, excited...can't wait to get it over with and start trying to get pregnant! I'm hoping my sweet little angel is watching over us and giving his little brother or sister a push to come down here!!!

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Great! It's alway's nice to have one's next move scheduled. And the one after that (trying to get pregnant!) Onward n' upward!

Best wishes,
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Hello E/O,

I am sorry I haven't been here in a while.  I have been so busy with College, kids, and husband.   Anyway, update for me:  I am on CD 16, tried not to think about ttc this cycle, we were taking a break.  Next cycle we will be back on track.  DH has been taking Maca and a multi vit for the past month, his little swimmers needed some help to mature and get faster.

Me, still taking prenatal, flaxseed oil and now Maca too.   Cross your fingers.   I will keep yall posted.  

SSBD to all,
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I think I'll say I'm in the TWW, since I feel that I just ovulated (or am ovilating now), although 3 days early. Must have been that full moon.

Still all-natural, eating good food and taking fish oil and DHEA.
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