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well i finally  got my  first period  after all my mess i had  the past two mths.  now im finnished  period  and  keeping  track of things.  im really thinking of  getting that pre-seed stuff.

has anyone else here used it and got successful?
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I started using in about a month ago. I am still waiting to see if AF comes or???? I hope she waits for 9 months for me..LOL.. I really like Preseed it makes it alot more easier for those swimmers who are trying ever so hard...
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We have been using Preseed for several months, It works very well, although we have not had any success yet. We are hoping for a BFP this month.. We have some slow swimmers too, so the Preseed really helps... Lots of SSBD to you...... Mary
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We used it and got pregnant the 2nd month of trying.  I would recommend it; it could help and definitely can't hurt.  Good luck!
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thanks everyone  will get  in a few days  money wise again..  what package did you get? and where?
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I got a packet that had both of the preseeds. one is where you inserts and one that is just in a tube and you use as you need. I like that one better cause you can add what you want but the other one has inserts is good too cause it goes in deeper...

I bought them online...
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could u find the link  if possible  so i can see what your talking about  please? lol
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Give me a min and I will send you the link...
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I used this site and it was very reliable..
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I got pregnant while using Preseed. I don't know if it helped, but it certainly didnt hurt! GOOD LUCK, SSBD!!!
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thank you again everyone!  congrats to you  worried!  hows it going  to this  date?
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Thanks! All good! 25 weeks now! WOOT WOOT! :)
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hmmm ur link wasnt opening for me  so i deleted the pre-seed part of it  was it this one?
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Ok, so I don't need a lubricant as such, I have plenty of my own lubrication when BDing, but does the Pre seed help in other ways?
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its meant to help the  swimmers  get to the  egg  easier  and faster :) what  lubricant are you using?
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Hi hun here in the uk you can get conceive plus (the same as preseed).I have a friend who had failed ivfs then used conceive plus and only had sex 2 times in that month and now she is 22 weeks pregnant.I used it last month but it didnt work so im using it again this month :)
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crossing all my joints possible for ya  darlin  ill check it out  thanks for the awesome tip wooohoo!
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