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Office Hysteroscopy

I run away from it today :) I couldn't do it. I have fibroids and they were going to check the location, with no sedation but I couldn't do it, was too painful for me so GYN stopped and said that we have to do it in the operation room with anesthesia. Anyone with any experience?
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You poor thing. I too have fibroids but they checked location. size and type of fibroids with an abdominal ultrasound. I was supposed to have an intravaginal us to check everything during day 3/4 of period but radiographer really nice and tried to avoid doing it as I was bleeding so heavy. I have 5 fiboids of varying size and locations but the ivf clinic I am attending were sattisfied they should not impede treatment. All the best. Manda
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Oh hun, that doesn't sound like fun at all!  It sounds like the right decision to have it done with anesthesia though, you will be much more relaxed that way.  Thinking of you.
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Sorry forgot to say. it didnt hurt at all. hope yours goes well
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Thanks ladies! Very encouraging. My hysteroscopy is scheduled on Nov 15th with anesthesia and if my surgeon thinks the fibroids are in the cavity she will perform the surgery as well. So, I will learn what happened when I wake up! :) I will let you know!
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Don't stress too much. I had to have a very large polyp removed thru the hysteroscopy last summer. The worst part for me was waking up groggy. I was outside doing yard work by the end of the day. Keep us posted and good luck ! I just got my BFP last week so I think it helped conceive.
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