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is anyone having same problems

ok ladies i had my mirena placed jan of 09 and removed sept 2012 since then ive had problems, my man and i have been trying to conceive since sept whe nthe doc told me that day pof removal we could start since then i only have a period it seems like everyother month or 2-4 long and its not really a period so i went to an ob she has said my uterus is 5x smaller then any females and thats even after i have a period its suppose to thickin up and it been this same size im glad i got it removed when i did or my uterus lining i may have nothing left. she said my body isnt producing estrogen, my ovaries arent producing eggs and if they are its very little and not when theyre suppose too meaning she believes im goin into per term menapause if they fertilies pills she gives me dont work then thats what has happens but im suppose to take them on day 1 through 5 of my period at the first of the month and this month i still havent started...
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