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30 Day Fitness Challenge

I know that quite a few of us have been down lately, just with the daily challenges and stress with TTC.  So I thought it would be fun to have something different to do and talk about.  Erica had mentioned on the CB thread that she was going to be doing the Wii Active 30 Day Fitness Challenge.  I was thinking it would be fun to do it with a group of us.

It doesn't matter if you have a Wii or whatever form of exercise that you like to do.  Just so long as we are getting up and being active!!

I just got done looking at the workouts on Active.  I'll have to reset my start date, since I didn't go about it whole-heartedly.  Heck I didn't even put my tennis shoes on.  I just wanted to get a feel for what it was like.  I'll give it a better go tomorrow - with shoes on :)

So if you have any motivation tips, good healthy receipes or a desire to get moving - let's start sharing and supporting each others efforts!!
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Bridgette- I like this idea! Maybe i'll go and get the Active, let me know what you think of it this week. I can use a little exercise, but first I need some motivation! I will say though I have some fit fingers ;)
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I planted in the garden and ran from yellow jackets.
I walked for 2 hours this morning at a flea market.
I don't have a Wii and doubt I'll have one soon, so that's about as good as it gets for me.
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Lori - LOL, I think the fitest thing on me are my fingers.  At least they get the most exercise :)

Aileen - that's a heck of a lot more then I usually get done.

So today was day 2 and I must admit . . . I am pathetic.  I still didn't make it through the whole workout.  Oh well, I guess I have my goals cut out for me then.  Since I didn't make it all the way through, I decided to do some Wii boxing too.  So I did break a pretty decent sweat.  DH said it was gross :)  I guess I will be satisfied with that for today. Tomorrow will be a "rest" day for me since I have class after work and darn if I'm getting my a$$ out of bed any earlier in the morning!

What I really need is a decent sports bra that fits.  All of mine are about 2 sizes too small.  OUCH!
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Bridgette-- Thanks for this :D I'm really excited about it! I had my first rest day yesterday and am going to do today's workout in about an hour. DH did it yesterday, and I have to tell you, it looks HARD! ( But super fun!)

Aileen-- Don't worry about not having a Wii...I know how intense it can be running from bees... :D Seriously though, Walking for 2 hours is awesome :)
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It is really fun.  I especially like the instructional videos and my own little character that moves when I move.  I just have no stamina, so I'll have to build up to that.  But you have to start somewhere, right?

DH spent a good amount of time running from bees this morning, so he was sweaty long before I was :p
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I am so phobic of bees, I look ridiculous when one flies by me and I'm running in circles.  It's the worst trying to do anything in the garden though, and I don't even have any flowering plants yet!
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Aileen, I just got the best mental picture of you.  Totally put a smile on my face :)  Sounds like my 2nd mom.  Her arms go flailing (sp?) and she does this "bob and weave" action - LOL.
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BEES!!!!!! OMG!!!! I am so bad, I got stung by a wasp when I was a baby and almost lost my arm my thumb is all screwed up from the surgery. To me that would be a complete workout the way my body moves when I try dodging them.
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Bridgette-- I just finished my 3rd workout and it was awesome!! I thought it was going to suck but there was inline skating (again) and cardio dance and tennis, all fun!! You do have to start somewhere, and I'd much rather be doing this in the privacy of my own home instead of at some gym paying a personal trainer too much money for something you know you'll never stick to. That's NEVER happened to me, by the way, LOL!! :P

Bees do suck! I once got stung by 2 bees in the face at the same time (long story, but had put my face on a door frame with my eyes closed, and thus ended up with 2 stingers stuck in my face...no fun!)
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Phew...My youngest son & I decided to walk to Walmart and pick up a few things.  The walk there...Not so bad.  The walk back...bag of sugar, laundry soap and a few miscellaneous cleaning supplies....NOT SO FUN!  I consider that my work out for today.  No wii here.....
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Ive been stung a hand full of times over the years.. thank goodness im not allergic!

This is a great idea.... i know you guys are no where close to me but it will still be fun knowing that others are in a fitness challenge too.

DH and I used to go to the gym at least 4 times a week.. up until about two weeks ago... but I hate cardio at the gym. we would mainly do resistance training (im proud of my pecks!!! lol) anyways we worked out that we have spent $2500 in the three years we have been married in gym memberships so I decided to apply for a ****'s card and got excepted for $500. it turns out to be half the monthly payments we make to the gym and  in a year or so we can have a awesome home gym, then get kayaks and camping stuff on the card... yay!!!. now we don't have to worry about the days DH works late and having to take the kids to the Gym when they have homework. the only down side is that we are stuck in the apartment until October... so the one large piece of equipment we have started with is stuck in our living room for now until we get a house with a garage.

so my day starts out by getting my step kids ready for school then taking the dog for a walk. i was really slack wit this because I would wear flip flops and walk for 30 min. now i put my gym shoes on and still walk the 30 min but walk twice as far. then i come home and either do a work out with the gym equipment or wait for DH to get home and do a work out wit him if its chest day because we spot each other on the bench press.

I have a wii with wii sport but only used it a few times with the kids. we have been looking at active and planed on getting it sometimes soon but now i really want it. even after seeing the adds on TV i never thought of actually using even the wii sport at home when the kids were at school.. stupid me!!!!

I think ill have a go at the tense and boxing today....

this is going to be great having other people to work out with.. even if its not actually with me in person.
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Bridgette...you nailed it all except the screaming while my arms are flailing and I'm bobbing and weaving.  I almost give myself whiplash.
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