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Cycle Buddies - 4/12

Hoppy Bunny Day!

Erica - Frustrated! (but going to the dr soon)
Aliciaandtrue - CD31
Debs40 - 13DPO
lori0615 - 11DPO
Queenspade/Jenn - 10DPO
GMB/Gina - CD21
7preg3b - CD20
texasangel - 2 DPIUI
peterjl/Mary - CD15
nmenyo/Nicole - CD15
Dmarie/Dana - CD12
Steph - CD10
natalie910 - CD7
smr/Lori - CD3
bam/bridgette - chillin
nunu - chillin
sakers/Sheena - chillin

Buns in the Oven:
Mapes/Melissa - 29W / Boy
kc1021 - 25W / Girl
Tiger63 - 24W
Dani - 24W / Boy
pat4rod - 22W / Boy
CacyMichelle - 20 W / boy oh boy, it's a GIRL!
Munter - 20W
Ashmcc - 18W / Girl
Latrice - 17W
avik7 - 14W
kgokgo/Niki - 12W
StephNP09 - 11W
nickswife/Gigi - 10W
BP0629/Brandy - 10W
melo1224 - 10W
hazeleyes/Amanda - 9W
cari227 - 8W
popcorn/Julie - 7W
elisha123 - BFP
LadyM84/Lisa - BFP
mikaleen/Aileen - BFP

Now that we have this new forum, does anybody have any suggestions or anything they would like to see?  If I can get my kiester out of bed earlier I was going to try really hard to start back up with the positive quote of the day.  We've also tossed around the idea of sharing receipes once a week.  Is there anything we want to see done differently with it?
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hey bam thankyou for the new thread , i'm glad to still be at the bottom :) i'm really being daft atm the last 3 times i have slept i have dreamt of miscarrying , i was only asleep for an hour earlier and dreamt of it . its so awful , i have the drs on weds i think i said tues before , that was the origional date but i have so much to do that day i had to say wednesday :) i'm going to try and blag an early scan out of him for 7-8 weeks i cant go on like this , i'm scared to go to sleep now :( my symptoms are still there well , my bbs dont hurt as much but my fiance said that if they hurt all the time because there growing then they would be hitting the floor by 9 months lol , i felt so sick last night but i actually want to atm , sound silly as soon as i start being sick i'm going to hate it but it will be worth it :)
Jen sorry about the BFN its still early though :)
steph are you there ?? how are you hope your ok :)

Bam theres nothing i would want you to do differently you do a fantastic job already :) so busy yet you find the time to do the list and keep up amazing x
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also i'm really hoping that the dream doesnt come true but just before i even knew i was pregnant i dreamt i had a little girl :) i had a dream i had a baby just before i was pregnant with kaylum , i think the only reason i'm having these bad dreams is my paranoia getting the better of me . i really have a good feeling about this pg when i'm not sleeping or being paranoid , i feel it must have happend for a reason that i'm now due on my mc day , fate, destiny, karma i believe in all that stuff :) its my religion lol :) as you can tell i'm very mixed up about my feelings i'm happy i have a good feeling but also at the back of my mind i'm permanantly worrying about mc :) hmmmmm
I wasnt even worried about it last time in dec i was the 1st time but i was alot younger then so when i got pg in dec i didnt think of it going wrong , but it did so just because i'm worried about it doesn't mean it will happen . at least i hope to god not i don't think i could cope again , i didnt in my dreams :( bla bla bla sorry ladies i'm rambling :)
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Oh Lisa sweety, I feel so bad that you are feeling this way.  Please just try to relax.  It's the only thing you can do and is best for the baby.  I know that Wed seems so far away, but we are all here for you and I just know in my bones that everything will be ok.
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Thanks for the new cb thread.....awesome job as usual.  I was hoping to be the latest bfp on the bottom but maybe i will find out mid week.  Happy Easter to everyone~~
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Great Job as always Bam dont change a thing ur the best :0)

Jenn sry about the bfn but like u know it could take longer for lil bean to implant :0) hang in there.
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Jenn...sorry about the BFN, but like they said above it's still early.  My fingers are crossed for you!

Bam...There is nothing I can think of to add except new BFP's every week!  I could use recipe help still though =)

Lisa...I know exactly how you feel.  I am having a very hard time waiting to go for an u/s.  2 weeks and 5 days.  I was up ALL night last night because when I woke up my bb's weren't hurting like they had been and I had some cramps.  I woke DH up at 2 am crying b/c I thought for sure I was going to be bleeding and I wouldn't go to the bathroom b/c of it.  It's miserable to spend what's suposed to be a happy time in a constant state of worry and panic.  I hope we both get our scans and lots of reassurance!
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