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Cycle Buddies - 4/18

Spring has sprung and the smell of budding plants is in the air!  Sounds like we have beautiful weather all around.  Well, maybe except Dani who still has snow :)

GMB/Gina - CD 28
7preg3b - 9 DPO
texasangel - 8 DPIUI
peterjl/Mary - CD 21
nmenyo/Nicole - CD 21
youme123 - 2 DPO
Dmarie/Dana - CD 18
natalie910 - CD 13
Aliciaandtrue - CD 10
smr/Lori - CD 9
lori0615 - CD 5
Erica - CD 5
Debs40 - CD 4
nunu - CD 4
Queenspade/Jenn - CD 3
sakers/Sheena - chillin
bam/bridgette - chillin
Steph - chillin


Mapes/Melissa - 30 W - Boy
kc1021 - 26 W - Girl
Tiger63 - 25 W
Dani - 25 W
pat4rod - 23 W - Boy
CacyMichelle - 21 W - GIRL
Munter - 21 W
Ashmcc - 19 W - Girl
Latrice - 18 W
avik7/Anna - 15 W
kgokgo/Niki - 13 W
StephNP09 - 12 W
nickswife/Gigi - 11 W
BP0629/Brandy - 11 W
melo1224 - 11 W
hazeleyes/Amanda - 10 W
cari227 - 9 W
popcorn/Julie - 8 W
lynsey81 - 7 W
elisha123 - 7 W
LadyM84/Lisa - 7 W
mikaleen/Aileen - 7 W

I believe that Latrice is our next preggers to find out the sex.  This week?

I sure am hoping that lots of little seeds are being planted and we'll see more gardens in full bloom soon ! !
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You always do such a wonderful job Bridgette! !

Here is a BIG cheer from me xx Thank you for your little words of encouragement at the bottom of the posting - I second that.. and hope we have some new blooms to add to the bottom of the list V shortly! :)
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Thanks Bam for the invite to hang out in here :) That was incredibly sweet! I am afraid I have a boring month ahead of me. :) I am CD 4 right now. A little backgroud if some of you guys don't know me. I usually hang out on the fertility thread but stopped in to see you guys and joined this community as well. Ok - where to start? I am 30 and have a 10 year old daughter from a pervious marriage. I am now married to my wonderful 2nd (and last!) husband. We have been TTC for three years (39 months now actually, but who's counting :). We began seeing the RE about a year and a half ago. I used clomid 50mg, 100mg, and 150mg before seeing the RE - no luck. Jan 08 - did clomid 50mg and menopur injectibles and BFP (with natural BDing)on the first try! Sadly, we m/c on March 4th - the day before my hubby's bday. After that, we waited until around July/Aug of 08 to try again with just menopur (I don't know why the RE wanted to do that) and nothing (didn't respond well). I couldn't do it anymore and we have waited until now to go back to injectibles again.

I took 100 mg of clomid last month, had a great chart and nothing. So, we decided to try just one more time with clomid 100mg this month. We will start bravelle shots and clomid next month and may do IUI depending on the timing aspect. I am ateacher and time off is hard to come by :)

So, this month is boring. 100 mg clomid CD 3-7. I am CD 4, so second dose of pills tonight. I haven't had luck with clomid by itself so I don't have my hopes up but it does seem to stimulate my ovaries better for the next month (I have PCOS) if I take clomid the month before injectibles. So, that is my story - about as short and sweet as I could get it. Good luck to all in this forum, God knows we have been through hell and made it back. HUGS to all and SSBD to all TTCers and currently preggo ladies :)

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Yay... I have a cycle day and I start clomid tomorrow.
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Hey Jen - thanks for coming on board!  Ohhh, if only I had waited to start the new list till later I could have got you on.  I start a new one every Saturday morning and I'll be sure to add you next week.  You never know, some of the most boring cycles produce the best results!  I know there are some women here with pretty long cycles.  They might be interested to know how you were diagnosed with PCOS.

Nunu - YAY - I was so happy to take that gosh darn "chillin" off next to your name!

Debs - amen!  We need some more BFP's!!  Haha, they are so much easier for me to keep track of.  I just have to add an extra week every saturday.
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Welcome back nunu :)

Bridgette- great job, as always :) You rock lady :)

Well, I'm starting to feel better. Finally :)

Jen-- I would love to know how you were diagnosed with PCOS. I just finished a 61 day cycle myself and am worried about PCOS. I would love to pick your brain..
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Evening!  it is great seeing my name there just really frightening!  how is everyone doing? x
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Hi Everyone! I'm really enjoying this beautiful weather!

Bridgette- Every Saturday(and days between) I say the same thing....Your Amazing! Hopefully My seed will get planted soon!

Deb- How are you doing?

Jen- Welcome! So nice to have you around!

nunu- welcome back!

Hi Miss Erica!

lynsey- Don't be frightened, be proud! Very soon we'll all be joining you!

Aileen- don't get lonely at the bottom of the list, i'm trying as hard as I can to join you :)

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So it looks like the preggers list is getting longer than the ttc list....it looks like we have some work to do!!!

I am having some cramping and low back pain like I get with my period but I'm day 18.  I don't know what's going on.  Maybe it's PMS or late O although I was sure with all the spotting and other symptoms I've had the past 10 days that I already O'ed.  Oh, my crazy body...will I ever figure this out?  With my last pg. I had pms like symptoms about a week before I got my bfp....but I don't want to get my hopes up....I'm sure its nothing.  

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Dana- no matter how much we try to figure out our bodies, they tend to have a mind of their own!! Sometimes I just give up!LOL
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I hear you Lori...i have NO idea what my body is doing...it's a miracle I even got pg. twice so far.  I'm just hoping that I can resume ttc as I have in the past and have success without pulling my hair out trying to figure things out.  
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I've been pregnant 6 times and I'm just now trying to figure out how it happened! LOL
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lol.....I know, crazy right?  How long have you been ttc this time?  
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