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Cycle Buddies - 4/4

Holy cow batman!  This is the 4th week in a row we've added BFP's.  I'm really liking this latest trend!  Let's keep it going ladies :)

Erica - CD52 :(
BradyAm/Amanda - CD40
natalie910 - CD29
pooket825/Tracie - 8DPO
lori0615 - 3DPO/CD28
Aliciaandtrue - CD24
smr/Lori - CD22
Queenspade/Jenn - CD17
GMB/Gina - CD13
7preg3b - CD12
texasangel - CD7
peterjl/Mary - CD6
nmenyo/Nicole - CD6
Steph - CD2
bam/bridgette - chillin
Dmarie/Dana - AF is finally here!!!
nunu - chillin
sakers/Sheena - chillin

Buns in the Ovens
Mapes/Melissa - 28W / Boy
kc1021 - 24W / Girl
Tiger63 - 23W
Dani - 23W / Boy
pat4rod - 21W / Boy
CacyMichelle - 19W / Boy
Munter - 19W
Ashmcc - 17W
Latrice - 16W
avik7/Anna - 13W
StephNP09 - 10W
kgokgo/Niki - 10W
nickswife/Gigi - 9W
BP0629/Brandy - 9W
melo1224 - 9W
hazeleyes/Amanda - 8W
cari227 - 7W
popcorn/Julie - 6W
elisha123 - BFP!!
LadyM84/Lisa - BFP!!!
mikaleen/Aileen - BFP!!!!

April showers bring May flowers :)
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Bridgette, your amazing!!!! Look at that bottom list grow!!! Congrats to all of my friends who joined the bottom of the list!
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Congrats to all the BFPs as always bridgette great work and that list keeps getting longer n longer and praying pretty soon there will be just all BFP :0p yes April showers bring May Flowers lets see tons of lil flowers being planted this month :0)
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bam..thanks for being our leader....and so happy for the new bfp! blessing to you! and come on girls...lets add more to the list..new bfp ladies..what methods did u use this month..it may help us!
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thanks bam, so I think my chart looks better after todays temp, TMI, I woke up last night and ended up throwing up. CRAZY!!!

So how are you girls doing? I'm good. Other than feeling sick. I send my love
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hey ladies is it ok to eat cucmber and vinegar ??? whiel pregnant
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Amanda- It's just a pickle :P I like making my own like that.
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