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Cycle Buddies - July 23rd

What a great way to start out a new CB thread!!  We have a BFP and more babies!!  Plus the return the "cycle buddies" :)  Here we go ladies . . .

EricaB28 - CD63
natalie910 - 10DPO
smr08/Lori - CD22
selaiwa - CD11
tinkerbell101/Deb - CD11
Dmarie/Dana - CD11
nunu1977/Vanessa - CD7 (thanks for updating your O Tracker!)
Princessa745 - CD3
bam1014/bridgette - CD1
peterjl/Mary - sorry dear, I have no idea where you're at

Now for some birth announcements!!

Mapes/Melisaa - Adam born on 6/14/09
Dani - Colter born on 7/19/09
kc1021 - c-section on 7/22/09 / Girl
Tiger63/Stacey - 39W - 7/27/09
pat4rod/Patty - 36W - Boy - 8/20/09
CacyMichelle - 35W - Girl - 8/25/09
Munter - 35W - 8/31/09
Ashmcc - 33W - Girl - 9/10/09
Latrice - 32W - Girl - 9/18/09
avik7/Anna - 30W - Boy - 10/6/09
StephNP09 - 28W - Boy - 10/18/09
kgokgo/Niki - 27W - Girl - 10/23/09
nickswife/Gigi - 26W - Girl - 11/1/09
BP0629/Brandy - 25W - GIRL!! - 11/4/09 ;)~
melo1224 - 25W - Boy - 11/10/09
hazeleyes/Amanda - 23W - Boy - 11/18/09
cari227 - 23W - Girl - 11/25/09
popcorn/Julie - 22W - Boy - 11/29/09
mikaleen/Aileen - 20W - GIRL!! - 12/8/09  =)~
lynsey81 - 20W - 12/10/09
elisha123 - 20W - 12/10/09
LadyM84/Lisa - 20W - 12/15/09
youme123/Leigh - 16W - 1/8/10
YogaChick/Mira - 16W - 1/13/10

November and December sure are going to be busy months for babies.

Much XXSSBD to all my fellow TTC'ers.  Live life to the fullest and enjoy every beautiful day that God gives us :)
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your onto it Bam!
I go a new Dr on the 28th. well it is his nurse practitioner that I will be seeing. they have me in for an U/S to make sure everything is looking ok in there. the pain is back so I think the clomid caused cysts again.
Even though im taking a break from OPKs and all that i decided to temp just to see if it does go up.
you know whats weird.. I still have the metallic taste in my mouth. wonder what else could cause that!
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Vanessa - I am so happy to hear that you are going to see a new dr!!  It always helps to have something new to look forward to and more options available.  Plus maybe they will be willing to work with you so you can get the scope done?  I saw that you started temping :)  (it's my secret goal to get all the non-tempers to start - but shhh don't tell them - LOL)

I picked up my rx for the Femara today and wonder of all wonders my insurance covered it.  I can only assume it is because it is not coded as a fertility med.  Instead of paying $300 +, I only had to pay $30 - whoo hoo!  So I start that on CD3 and I have my follie check scheduled for CD11, which is 8/2.
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great job on the list!

congrats to the newest BFP!! hope there is more to come!

im doing great but feeling huge- also my due date has changed if you want to uodate it- Oct 30 i am scheduled for a c-section, it could even be sooner, my dr said that this little girl is already a big baby!

good luck to everyone else- cant wait to see more healthy babies born!
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Thanks so much Bridgette! I know you're such a busy girl and I really appreciate your time and effort. That was great that insurance paid for your medicine. I have heard that femera is not classified as a fertility drug so that is awesome! I can't wait to hear how things go :D
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The girls are ahead...but it's close!
How come Brandy gets winked at with the tongue and I only got the tongue? (there was no way to phrase that to make it sound any better...i tried)

What is the femara billed as?  I can't believe it's only 10 days until 8/2...My next appt is 8/17 already!  Hope those follies are numerous and plump when they check!  
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GMB: congrats!

Hope everyone is well and has lots of good luck this cycle!
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Morning all!

Aileen - Femara is a drug used in the treatment of breast cancer, it is not FDA approved for fertility.  So it probably doesn't raise a flag when it gets run through insurance.  I'm wondering if they'll catch it when I get the Rx for the Ovidrel filled?  Sorry I was just trying to mix it up, I didn't realize you needed the wink too ;)~

I am officially having the wierdest AF ever and it's driving me crazy.  I thought for sure she was here yesterday, but it appears to be just brown spotting - IDK, then nothing all night or this morning.  I guess if nothing happens by afternoon I'll have to call the nurse since now I don't know if I consider this CD2 or not.  Ugh!  Why does she choose now to be a pain in my (_|_)
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Bam- have you HPT'd just in case. my AF was weird this time around as well. im going to give TTI here but im curious if this happens to anyone else. It was just brown the whole time.. nothing red or fresh looking. this has happened often. some month its red and others months its brown and thicker. I also get a lot of clots.
does this happen to anyone else. i am going to talk to the nurse practitioner (NP) about it as i am wondering if that is why I might have had the MC. my friend has had two MC and it turned out her blood clots. when she gets pregnant again she has to take aspirin and high doses of V-B6 and folic acid.

that is really good to know that Femara is not considered infertility meds with the insurance. you have to go to an RE t get it though right?
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I did POAS the day before "AF" arrived.  But I'm going to do it again tomorrow as Femara is known to cause birth defects and it's an absolute no-no to take it if you are pg and I am not going to take any chances.

When I was on Clomid, I would find there were times when AF was super light.  My theory is that this is due to the fact that a side effect of Clomid is to thin your lining.  I would assume a thin lining would mean a lot less blood.  My current AF is like you described.  It was just brown yesterday and I haven't seen any red yet.  CD1 is considered the first day of full red bleeding.  It's also strange because my temps say she should be here right now and my back is killing me.  I also woke up with the worst cramps this morning and I never get cramps.

Definitely start writing out your lists of questions for the NP!  Yes, I think for the most part you can only get Femara through an RE for the fact that it is not classified as a fertlity drug.
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I did a HPT today just to make sure. I wonder how a fertilized egg can implant if the lining is thin. it doesn't make sense to me!
Do you know how much an RE is with no insurance?
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There in lies one of the problems with Clomid, and one of the reasons you shouldn't take it for more then 6 mos in a row.

What is your insurance like?  For example, mine will cover diagnostics, but not treatments.  And my RE is within my approved network of drs.  So our first appt, because it was a consultation, was covered by my insurance.  The next appt, the u/s, is not and is a little over $200.  The IUI itself is also not covered and that's around $375 (which includes the sperm washing).  But the costs are going to be different all over the country, so it's hard to say.
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my insurance wont cover anything infertility, not even diagnostics. it really *****!
When i went for an U/S the first cycle of clomid they were checking for cysts because of pain. they coded it infertility, I guess because i was on clomid. the insurance wouldn't cover any of it. I got billing at my Drs to change the code because it wasn't to check for follies it was actually to check for cysts. thank goodness the insurance ended up covering it.
im hoping the nurse practitioner might be able to find a way to code any testing for infertility as another medical problem, maybe for the cysts. that way insurance will cover it. I know I have cysts back as im in constant pain again. AF has gone so I would imagine the pain should be gone seen I haven't started clomid again.
I don't think ill take clomid again. there seem to be too many side affects that don't sit good with TTC. doesn't progesterone help with preparing the lining for implantation. im sure i read that some Drs give and RX for that while on clomid. it would make sense to take it from O to AF right?
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