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TTC After m/c - Cycle Buddies - 3/22

YAY - new community, new thread and new BFP's!!  How exciting, this is the 2nd week in a row that I've been able to move someone down to the bottom.  Maybe Cupid's arrows were timed release?

GMB/Gina - CD29
Steph - CD27
peterjl/Mary - CD25
nmenyo/Nicole - CD23
bam/bridgette - 5DPO / CD21
mikaleen/Aileen - CD19
elisha123 - CD16
Lady84/Lisa - CD11
Aliciaandtrue - CD9
smr/Lori - CD7 (getting ready to make some engine noises?)
Queenspade/Jenn - CD3
nunu - so close, but yet so far away.  We miss you, but know you'll be back soon.
Erica - chillin and potty training
7preg3b - chillin and starting a new job
natalie910 - one AF down, one more to go (you'll be an expert tracker soon)
sakers/Sheena - in all of our prayers  ((((BIG HUGS))))
Dmarie/Dana - waiting for first AF - Lori is sending her your way

Buns in the Oven
Mapes/Melissa - 25W - boy oh boy
kc1021 - 22W - our FIRST girl!!
Tiger63 - 21W
Dani - 21W boy oh boy, Colter is on the move :)
pat4rod - 19W boy oh boy
CacyMichelle - 17W boy oh boy
Munter - 17W - she is going to keep us in suspense
Ashmcc - 15W
Latrice - 14W
avik7 - 11W
StephNP09 - 8W
kgokgo/Niki - 8W
nickswife/Gigi - 7W
BP0629/Brandy - 7W
melo1224 - 7W
hazeleyes/Amanada - 6W ?
cari227 - 5W
popcorn/Julie - our newest BFP!!

All right, let the chatter begin!
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I had to make a few changes to list.  Nicole - YOUR ON!!  That way we can make sure you don't forget when it is time to POAS :)
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GOOD MORNING!!! How are all of my favorite ladies today? It's such a beautiful day out and looks like it's going to be a wonderful day all together!
bam- Thanks!! You're the best!
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Well, Good morning here! Just saw the new thread and thought i'd start the chatter! LOL
Great job Bridgette! Your so on the ball!
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Hey Ladies :0) how is everybody doing? I thought my comp was messing up for a minute but i see it is a new thread :0p im crazy anyways it is a beautiful day here to Steph maybe even nive enough to go to the park i love the park esp. with dd sh loves to swing :p
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Good morning! I wish I would have been able to sleep in this morning.  We had beautiful 80 degree weather and then now it's cold and raining again!  How is everyone?  

Lori, Haven't seen you much...everything ok?

Bam, Thanks for the list!! It's great!!
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Hi Jenn! Things have been alittle crazy around home. To much work and to many parties! I'm still trying to catch up with everyone. How are you doing??
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I am doing a lot better.  A/F is officially gone and we are ready for this next cycle!  I have been so tired lately and I am planning on scheduling an apt. with my dr.  Nothing to do with TTC just can't seem to get enough rest.  A friend of mine brought me some all natural sleeping pills and I may try them.  
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Thanks Bam - now I feel important again. :-)  I will be on later to catch up with everyone. The new forum is great Bam, thanks for doing it.

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Jenny/AP whats wrong ?

Does anyone know what is wrong with Jenny? I have seen her mood and I wrote to her but no answer can someone help me out so i know whats wrong Thank you Ladies.:0)
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thanks for the update! im 3dpo but not to hopful for this month :(
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This is a fresh start and a new begining to many more bfps!  Sometimes in life the smallest changes can make the difference.  Good luck to everyone, and as always, I may not write in too much, but I am always reading and praying for everyone!!!
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Hie Dani, how are you and your lil'un doing? Hope your dh has gotten past worrying about being watched.... lol.

Once again, great job bam and keep those fingers away from the drawer- put a danger sign on the drawer so that you don't go near it.

Steph-how are you?

Lori- it's nice to be back and I feel so much better.

Everyone else hope you are doing well. I missed you guys so much. I remember looking out of the hospital window and wondering what topic you guys were now on...lol.

Good day everyone
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