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What does CD # mean? Charting for dummies!!! Help!?

I've never really tried to chart before but figured I'd utilize this sites tracker & keep track of certain things like my period and sex. It says I'm on CD 60. I thought it meant cycle day, counting from day one of your period but it started counting from my miscarriage (Aug 12th) b/c I had bleeding for 5 days following my d&c but I clicked the miscarriage button for that date. Doesn't CD 60 seem high or something? What exactly does that mean then? I also had spotting for three days on Sept 16th that I charted but it didn't start my CD #s over??? Sorry but this is definitely charting for dummies!!! LOL =D Help!
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Guess no one charts? Or understands???
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Oh, BTW.... Now it shows: CD?
So I guess the tracker is as confused as I am = )
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Sorry, I don't use the tracker.  CD does mean cycle day, starting with the first day of the period.  Possibly you have to manually re-start if you are seeing it say CD 60.  
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I started charting here AND fertility friend and that site has helped a lot b/c it actually detects different things according to the stats you input! I believe I'm  5 DPO now & Cd is fixed = )
Thanks anyway, Annie!
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