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Wondering when I can get pregnant after a Miscarriage......

I found out I was pregnant June 4,2010. June 9th I was bleeding alittle when I woke up so I called my dr and they said its more than likely just normal but to come in for an ultrasound anyway. So I went in and it would have been 6 weeks since my missed period and my baby only measured up to 2 weeks. There was only a sack and a yolk to be found. I had the D&C done about an hour later. I only bled for about 2 days then I was fine again. My husband and I started having unprotected sex again the day I stopped bleeding. I was wondering in personal experiences if you can get pregnant really soon after a miscarriage (like 1-3 weeks)? I have already had one successful pregnancy 2 years ago and had a healthy baby boy. We were devastated with our loss. Please give any advice and personal experiences possible...Thank you!
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I have had a miscarriage in March and was advised not to try to conceive again until after you have had one normal cycle. Sorry to hear about your m/c. You may want to try to post this on the "expert advice" forum so a doctor can answer that for you.
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I fell pregnant 2 weeks after my second miscarriage and I am now 11 weeks pregnant with baby #3. I did not require a D&C as both my m/c's happened around 5 weeks so my body took care of it naturally.  A friend of mine had a m/c and D&C at 8 weeks and fell pregnant straight away without waiting a cycle.  I know Dr's say to wait but it still is possible.  Good luck!
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that is awesome thanks for the post it is good to hear positive personal experiences
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I was told by several doctors not to conceive until after 2-3 months.  I think that is just their standard.  One also told me that if you happen to conceive before that time, it's no big deal.  They just want you to have the best chances for a healthy pregnancy and that's why they suggest 2-3 months so that your body gets a chance to go back to normal.  Also, if you conceive before your first period, it's hard for them to say how old your baby is.  They would only be able to guess and they'd have to use the day of your D&C as your LMP.  An ultrasound would confirm this later on, but if you're closely monitoring your pregnancy from the beginning, it's hard to say if your baby is growing at the proper rate if they don't have a definite date for your LPM.  Best of luck to you.  More than likely, you'll be fine, especially if you've had a baby in the past.
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hi meg i was wondering i kinda have a simular problem...i went to the doctor today and they told me that i might have miscarried. my sac was measuring 8 weeks but no baby.  he sent me to do blood work anyways just incase because i am so early. but i havent had any bleeding yet or cramping. so i dont know if im going to miscarry or not or i dont know when i will but the doctor seemed pretty sure that im not going to have a successful pregnancy. so i was wondering what i should do and when can i start trying to have another baby for my situation. i dont know when i should start and will it be easy. i have had two healthly babies before this and this is my first miscarriage.
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Anything is possible! I've read many success stories about women becoming pregnant after a m/c and before AF... please keep us all updated!!
I'm ttc directly following a m/c. It has helped my healing process b/c of the closeness between my husband and myself and it allows me to focus on ttc rather than the loss. I think I will always hurt over the loss but it gets easier with time & distractions!!!
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Hi everyone,

My story is a little more complicated. I got pregnant in November of 2010 and found out in January that i was going to miscarry. My doctor was telling me that i was measuring at 6 weeks pregnant instead of the 9 weeks that she was calculating me at. anyways i naturaly miscarried, which lasted almost two weeks.

The bleeding stopped for 2-3 days and then it all started again. It wasn't heavy but very light, as if it was my last day of my period. i had that from mid january all the way to mid february. technically it was a month. i went to my gyno and he wanted me to get blood work done as well as to take a prescription. he p[rescribed me medroxyprogesterone to take for 5 days and that would bring me period one which should stop the non stop bleeding. well after taking the medroxyprogesterone for 5 days, 2 days after finishing it, i got my period (a heavier one) passed that through for the 6 days and it stopped again. exactly 9 days later the light bleeding/spotting started again and it hasent stopped since. its been almost 2 weeks that its started again and my doctor just tells me to wait for my period to come. i dont know what to do or what is going on.

THe blood work i did came back showing that my prolactin was a little higher than it should normally be, but the nurse said it sometimes is because of the miscarriage  (pertaining to my situation) i should be due for my period within the next 2 weeks but i was hoping someone could help relieve my stress load because i dont know what to think.

It was my first pregnancy and i'm only 25. I don't know if it's okay to go through what i'm going through or should i see someone else. Please HELP!!
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