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Avatar the Last airbender

Okay if you like the series DO NOT watch this movie it gets everything wrong EVERYTHING

They pronouce characters names different and Zuko is way casted wrong.

Also its only book one Blah

If your interested in seeing the show stop dont waste your money your time

just go to http://www.animefuel.com/ and watch it there. The animated series is FAR FAR better. Sure the first book is more time but not by much.

I curse you M.Knight IT SUCKED
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o and if your like o but the CG is great .....Nope go watch freakin Avatar (james cameron version) WAY BETTER
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I watched the movie in the afternoon & some of the anime's in the eve....ready to sleep, but they were good.  You are right that the characters are different in their personalities.

I like the ideas of people working together and the powers it takes to overcome the single minded focus of the firebenders to rule over the others.

I like the good triumphing over evil endings :-)))
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I like it when the bad guy  turns put to not ba as evil as they seem

Since Evil is really just a point of view
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Oh I am soooooooooooo glad you started a thread for this! I almost did until I saw this one, lol.

I totally agree with what you said about evil.  when the cheetah takes down the baby antelope, is it evil that the baby is killed? or is it pure and wholesome because it will nourish the life-force of the cheetah?  

I have only watched the first episode so far and I already see so many awesome concepts, lessons, and symbolism in it.  I could watch it like 5 more times and still not get all of the layers of teaching in the episode.

Also, I wonder if they purposely made the sillouette of Aang in the ice look like the the outlines of the forest Shiva from India.  I will have to try to find a picture of it so you guys can see what I mean.

I also was thinking about how we were talking about anger the other day.  I was thinking about what purpose does anger serve.  Wondering if it can serve any purpose.  But if the sister (I cannot remember her name right now) hadn't gotten angry in the boat, she never would have cracked open the big Iceberg.

So she kind of was the vessel that anger flowed through, with the purpose of releasing the avatar.  So that would make anger not purely evil, if it is sometimes used to bring about like, "gods overall plan" or destiny etc.
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Yea that would be awesome if you could get both images side by side to compare.

Katara is her name and you have a point.

You are a very analizing person arent you.
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Katara! that was her name!

I have to find a way to take like a "snapshot" of the screen when it shows the outline I was referring to, so I can post it with a link to the forest shiva glyph that I am thinking of,

It looks like a guy sitting in "meditation pose" like Aang, when he was still in the ice and started glowing, but the arrow on his head was outlined, with his arms on his knees.

In the rock painting of Shiva the forset God it looks the same, but instead of a head with the outline of a downward pointing arrow, it is a regular head with these kind of deer horns coming out.  Not like "devil" horns.  Like "stag" horns is what I mean.

I will dig around and see if I can find an image of what I mean, and then try and find the "time" of the frame I am referring to.

And yes, I am a super duper analytical person.  I always have been, but was super hyperactive before my injuries and channeled my energy into sports and working.  Now I don't have any of that.
  So when I find something I CAN do, or talk about, especially talking WITH people, not just AT people,  especially things like symbolism,in culture, religions, arts and groups of people., my brain goes a little manic as far as thinking about things critically, analytically, or comparatively.

I can't stop it, its like a big card shuffling machine, taking in informatiion, writing down a notecard for each little bit, cross referencing it, then flinging it into the appropriate "inbox" in my brain.  Like filing Avatar the series away in my brain under awesome religious symbolism reflecting eastern cultural values like those found in some types of Buddhism and "hinduism"

I don't know why it does it, it does it "faster" when I am really anxious or in a lot of pain.  The only thing I can think of is it is the adrenaline form PTSD and hurting so bad?  (pain meds don't cut the pain so theres really no point in taking them anymore, which is why I asked my Doctor about stepping down and weaning off of the opiates, and we are doing that now) but I don't know why it does it.

Since I developed the PTSD I cannot really sleep well.  For the last few years I have really only slept 1-2 hours at a stretch, if at all.  Ususally I hurt and twitch and jump so bad I cannot even sit still, and lying in a bed or chair presses on these really sensitive spots(have you ever heard of the "princess and the pea"?  I always feel like her, and it stinks because I can never slepp.

So I go for 2-3 days at a time with next to no sleep sometimes because my body just wont co-operate.  And my brain goes all haywire (I call it "painbrain" hence the moniker)

BTW, Did you know Einstein and Eddison were "tri-phasic sleepers"  they slept on a system of 3 8 hour cycles per day as opposed to 2 12 hour cycles (roughly with the division of course, just approximate, yet multiple sleep session-ers none-theless)

I like to think that must mean I am just soooooooooo Brilliant I only appear spacey from the outside.  Like how people thought Einstein was "dumb" because he didn't like to talk in gradeschool.  But really he was just so smart, he couldn't understand how to interact with people the way "normal" (ick) people do.

Do you know what I mean?  I like to think I just think "different" than "normal" people.  Like my brain antenna is tuned just a little different than everyone elses, but in a way that lets me think about things and kind of "see" things I wouldn't otherwise see.  But in a good way.  Like I get an extra free cable channel that most people don't have.....but in my brain.
Kind of.

IDK.  DOes that sound strange?
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Okay, sorry it took me so many days to get this info.  I have been "sleepified" by a new medication I am trying, and all my normal "posting while not sleeping" routines have gotten messed up, lol.

Anyway......enough about me, moving on to airbending,   :)

The scene I am talking about is @ 4:53 into the first episode.  (in case the times are different on the different videos, the one I am using to watch is the myspace video one i think.  It is the player with the little people in a box on the right hand side.

Do you know which one I mean?  Right after the glowing iceberg bobs up to the surface and Katara and her brother are both kind of staring at it with shock.  Then you see a shadow outline of Aang in the ice.

Now I will go look for an image of the deity I was talking about before for comparison.
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