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Corporate atrocities against nature may ultimately destroy human civilization

First part of article:

(NaturalNews) What's most striking about the present BP oil catastrophe is not that it is an aberration but rather part of a dangerous pattern of mankind's propensity to destroy nature. To destroy life in a large region of an ocean isn't even new: The world already has over two hundred "dead zones" where fish can't live because the ocean water has no more oxygen left thanks to the runoff effects of man-made chemicals.

Not content with mere deforestation and the vast destruction of biodiversity on land, Man has now expanded to destroy the oceans through overfishing, ocean acidification from CO2 emissions, agricultural runoff, flushing pharmaceuticals down the drain and unleashing crude oil directly into the ocean waters. It almost seems as if mankind were somehow bent on destroying itself by first destroying everything else on the planet just to see what happens.

Human beings, by any honest accounting, are repeat offenders engaged in crimes against nature. This article, by the way, isn't some clever way to try to push us all toward a U.N.-controlled world government where every human action is regulated by environmental cops; it's merely an observation of what's really happening right now on our planet. I'm a Constitutionalist and remain strongly opposed to UN control as much as any properly-informed American. In no way do I support suppressing our individual freedoms or liberties. In fact, the problems here are not with the People but rather with the corporations.

The criminal corporations
It is the corporations that are committing these crimes against nature: Big Pharma's mass poisoning of the waters, BP's oil catastrophe crime against the planet in the Gulf Coast, the manufacture of Depleted Uranium shells by wealthy "defense" contractors, factory farming by meat producers, the poisoning of our farms by Monsanto and its campaign to dominate nature with genetically modified seeds... you get the picture. If you really look hard at the issues, it's the corporations who are destroying our planet and thereby destroying future survivability for the rest of us.

It is the corporations, in essence, that are the criminals who are now destroying the very world around us, and if We the People continue to let these corporations engage in such actions, it won't be long before we wake up and find ourselves enslaved in a Corporatocracy that has stolen from us the very world in which we had hoped to raise our children.

What is abundantly clear now is that corporations will do anything to make money, from the cruel and inhumane factory farming of cows to dumping millions of gallons of toxic chemicals in the ocean to try to sink the dead sea animals in the Gulf. Corporations would set fire to the entire planet if that act could somehow boost profits by 50% next quarter.

The unbridled greed that drives these corporations is simply incompatible with sustainable life on our planet. Through their careless, greed-driven actions, corporations are threatening YOUR life and the lives of your children.

I say enough is enough.

An armed revolt against the corporations?
There is already some mainstream talk about arresting the CEO of British Petroleum for his crimes against nature. It will never happen, of course, because these corporations wield too much power over government entities. We've seen it time and time again: Corporations are almost never held accountable for their crimes.

It is becoming increasingly clear that any action to hold these corporations accountable for their actions must come from the People -- most likely in the form of a dedicated revolt, or perhaps even an armed "mass citizens' arrest" of the corporate criminals.

Imagine ten thousand armed, angry citizens from Texas, Louisiana and Florida converging on the BP headquarters in Houston, led by a local Sheriff, marching in and arresting all the top CEOs of British Petroleum. That's the kind of action that needs to start taking place if any justice is ever to be found in our modern world of corporate corruption and government collusion.

When it comes to corporate crimes, the justice system has utterly failed. The corporations that commit crimes are almost never held responsible. Consider the aftermath of the Goldman Sachs fiasco in 2008 - 2009, when Wall Street banksters ripped off the American people to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars, and then got bailed out by the U.S. government with trillions of dollars in gift money. How is that justice?

Similarly, after drug giant Pfizer was found to have committed massive marketing fraud that violated federal law, the company was deemed "too big to fail" and was simply given a free pass by the government to stay in business, defrauding customers, states and nations. Pfizer set up a shell company to take the fall for its crimes, then went right back to business as usual. Read the story on CNN if you want to learn more: http://www.cnn.com/2010/HEALTH/04/0...

As CNN reports: Imagine being charged with a crime, but an imaginary friend takes the rap for you. That is essentially what happened when Pfizer, the world's largest pharmaceutical company, was caught illegally marketing Bextra, a painkiller that was taken off the market in 2005 because of safety concerns. When the criminal case was announced last fall, federal officials touted their prosecution as a model for tough, effective enforcement. "It sends a clear message" to the pharmaceutical industry, said Kevin Perkins, assistant director of the FBI's Criminal Investigative Division. But beyond the fanfare, a CNN Special Investigation found another story, one that officials downplayed when they declared victory. It's a story about the power major pharmaceutical companies have even when they break the laws intended to protect patients..."

Whether it's Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Food or Big Agriculture, every large and powerful corporations gets away with murder because laws are never properly applied to them. BP is destroying an entire ocean -- and the livelihoods of millions of people -- and will probably get off with a large fine and a slap on the wrist. In two years, it will all be back to business as usual, polluting the oceans, destroying life and ignoring safety rules and regulations once again while the American people suffer.

More dangerous than terrorists
Corporations are a greater threat to our lives than terrorists. That much should be clear by now: When corporations poison our food supply with toxic chemical ingredients; when they poison our bodies with fraudulently-marketed pharmaceuticals; when they poison our oceans with careless oil drilling... they are threatening our lives and our livelihoods. They are destroying the only world we know, and they are proving themselves to be far more dangerous to our collective future than any terrorist organization.

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I completely agree!
Corporations (even "foreign" ones) have replaced people, taxpayers, the little guy...whatever you want to call us.

The current system rewards and protects corporations.  corporations buy politicians (of both parties) they buy justice, they even buy scientists to do phony research and tout the "findings" on websites owned by a "citizens for lower taxes" or something that sounds totally innocuous.

What really pisses me off is that these corporations have gotten themselves so inextricably entengled in our political system, that they have the PEOPLE (well, not all of them, but most of them) completely snowed!  All it takes is a few million bucks to set up an internet marketing campaign to bump all the "real" science done on a subject off of the first google results page.

So all the "science"  on an issue people think they are researching, is actually just recycled quotes from a biased "study" bought and payed for by the corporation in question.  They are literally making money, by keeping the "people" in the dark with corporate propaganda

And with this whole BP thing, they are now the ONLY oil company that is legally able to drill in water as deep as the blown out well.  Not only can no other company drill, but BP is getting a paved expressway set up to build not one, but TWO wells in deepwater.  They are calling them "relief wells"  but in reality, they are drilling 2 new wells in deep water, where they have proven they are not capable of drilling safely.

HELLLOOO!  Does this seem counter-intuitive to anyone but me?  Any money BP may loose, or pay out to the families and businesses destroyed by the initial blow-out, will be more than replaced by the cashola BP will make when selling the oil from the "relief wells" for the next however many years.

All in all, it seems like BP and trans-ocean are getting a pretty good deal out of all of this.  They will come out of this whole sanafu with 2 brand new wells, which is 1 more well than they started with, in an oil rich area, with no competition.


It makes me want to move to canada.  :(
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That is a link to the youtube video about BP, Transocean, their "history" and lol, it even reinforces my belief in the cyclical nature of time! LMAO

no but really, it is totally worth watching, even if you are diametrically opposed to all that Rachel Maddow stands for politically, it is a darn good piece of investigative journalism.  And it really illustrates your original point about corporations having the freedom to do as they please, with no consequences.

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