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Lets introduce ourselves

I am cloud windgate i have many strong views and am trying to find my path. I enjoy yo write stories even though they often tend to be dark. I also draw and am learning programming (on my own -__-). I try to respect other but some times i fail and i apolagies for that in advance. As you will find my spelling needs help. More later on me :D

Also please i know my account isnt private but talk before you friend it just bothers me ..........
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I am margypops  I love children and animals, I also am involved in politics but wont babble about them here ,I have just moved my house and am settling into a wonderful new area of California .
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Hi:-)  Thanks for inviting me.

I am a hodge-podge of humanity...product of a throw-away society and fast-paced along with multi-tasking.  It seems like I am always in motion whether in thought...word or deed...even in sleep.

I like to do lots of things but being human, have to limit myself so cycles become a way of life.  Right now I am enjoying being on MedHelp & learning as well as hoping I might just encourage someone else to think and ask questions and enjoy learning...life is short.

Introductions can be long/short, so this will be the shortened edition.
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Hi.  I look forward to some tea time talk,  I rather enjoy my tea time.
  I am a nurse who has been off work for a while dealing with multiple health issues of my own.  I really miss work and am hoping I will be able to get back to it soon.  I have found medhelp to be helpful at times and I enjoy it even more when I can be helpful to someone else since like I said I'm a nurse and havn't had any patients to officially take care of lately.

  I think the idea of a tea time cafe is very clever and I am eager to see how it grows.  Good idea.Cloud and thanks for the invite.
  I will tell more of myself as time goes by. :o)
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Thanks for the invite:)
I am married to a great guy. I love music, art and just life in general. I have strong opinions, beliefs and I like others that are that way too as long as they remain civil when discussing their beliefs. But what I like even better is when someone is able to see that their way of believing , if suddenly found is not correct, that they can say, hmm, wait, now I see. That then is a pure heart- one that seeks - that applies to all areas I mean too - not just religion etc.... I try to be that way. I did do that with religion, maybe other areas I am not as good and it takes longer for me to see truth or someone elses view, but I am trying to see myself so that I can change in areas I need to change. I do love people that can switch mid stream if they see they are wrong. My husband has strong views with some things, but what I admire about him is when he sees he was wrong - there is no ego, he says, wait, I see what you mean.... I want to be like him more, I do. He is a great example for me to be around.
I like people to wear their kindness on their cuff and not to have to look deep within to see that a person is nice - we are to be known by our "fruit" - and fruit grows on the outside - its visible....

Cloud - great pic for your forum - love it. You are so good with the facial expressions in your artwork
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Thank-you for the introductions

Myown- Thank-you very much i tried
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I'm 48,been married for 30 years this year,I have 2 children,1 grandson and another grandchild on the way,I am an alcoholic and was addicted to codeine 236 day clean and going strong,I have dealt with a lot of negatives from my childhood and I'm loving life.

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Hi everyone, I'm Manda, I'm 31, I'm married and have two dogs who are my kids ♥ I've been a member of Med Help for some time now, and it's nice to be invited to a group that is just for chat & fun :) I'm sure I'll tell more about myself as time goes by, thanks for the invite. This should be a great group!
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Hello everyone  :)

you can call me PB or painbrain. hey you, works some times too.

I am 29, and was in retail mngmt. Until I was in a car accident '05 which left me with a host of medical "issues" and I cannot work.  (I do not like the word DIS-ABLED because I am ABLE to do quite a lot.  Just not a lot of what I used to do.)

  "work"  is a major emotional  issue for me, and I have only recently begun to "heal" and am working towards becoming a whole person again.  My  biggest physical issues are probably chronic pain, PTSD and its lovely manifestations, and trouble sleeping.

I like talking about politics, religion, anthropology, science, pretty much anything.  I can get pretty "intense" about some subjects, but try really hard to approach everything with an open mind.  
looking forward to tea time.   :)
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