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Rorschach Test

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rorschach_test ----- for info

I always found it interesting and kinda want to be tested with it.

Do you?

What do you think about the inkblot test?

I kinda think it goes in the same respect of you hearing a sound of something and it sounds like something else after awhile. Our minds try to make sense of it one way or another.  How much could such a test tell about us?
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what is it ? what does it test. I will try to find the site to look see...
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i put a link in to wiki that talks about it a little.

It's a test were your shown a card with a ink blot( random ink design looking like a stain) on it. They take in account how you react and what you say you see. Also any other comments you say.  
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oho tht sounds interesting maybe I will take a look ,it sounds challenging ...
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I think the ink blot test would be interesting, but I don't think Doctors should give a diagnoses based on them.  It is just one tool of many that can be used to get a sense of how a person is thinking at the time of test.  I bet many people could take the test one day and say they saw positive images if they were in a good mood, then, later in a more negative mood those designs may look like something totally different to the person.  Esp. bipolar people.

It would be cool to make your own ink blots and try them out and friends and family.
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hmm that would be interesting. I dont know if making your own would work you would need to know the full science behind them. IS the ink patteren inmoportant at all does it need to be symetrical

I do agree you would need more then just some reaction but it would be interesting none the less
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With these tests what kind of results are they looking for? Or what are they testing for I should say...
For instance what Shanna said seems true where maybe one day its a positive image and the next day might not see it that way. Who gets these tests? If a person says they are going through depression and they had a visit with a Psychiatrist,,,would the doc do one of these tests?...

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This test use to be more popular but they still do them. Its more of a way to see your frame of mind so yes like shanna said it would greatly effect the outcome by how you felt at the time. Its a test of perception in some ways. I dont think its given to people who are depressed

"The Rorschach technique is the most widely used projective psychological test. The Rorschach is used to help assess personality structure and identify emotional problems and mental disorders. Like other projective techniques, it is based on the principle that subjects viewing neutral, ambiguous stimuli will project their own personalities onto them, thereby revealing a variety of unconscious conflicts and motivations. Administered to both adolescents and adults, the Rorschach can also be used with children as young as three years old, although the commonly used Exner scoring system (discussed below) is appropriate only for test taker five years or older." - http://www.minddisorders.com/Py-Z/Rorschach-technique.html

so they may do one for people who are depressed but i dont think its common since most of the time they just want to med you.
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Maybe the the psychiatrists just got board and thought the blot test would amuse them and tell then who knows what about people!  All I know is that people judge there surroundings based on there inner feelings which are ever changing!

Peace,      Shanna

Whose drinking tea and what kind and why do they like it??
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very true maybe your right
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Interesting stuff...
I think the way to know who we really are, or to see what "issues" we have, the best way is to ask the ones that live with us - whether thats a husband, wife, parents - whoever.

I guess a doctor could put a name on a problem, but if someone know how to answer certain questions as to look like all is well, would a doctor be able to spot that? I don't know, maybe they can. I have never been to a shrink though many people seem to have one these days. I guess for some its very helpful and for others I don't know really...

Because like you said Cloud sometimes they just want to med you and if that is the only solution to finding or getting relief or help I can understand that, but I sometimes wonder if they give medication when its not necessary. I mean it seems like they hand out meds to little kids these days like candy. That ridilin (sp?) I think its called? Its odd to me that all of a sudden so many kids would need this drug or do they? I don't know....I doubt it though.
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70% of people who get antibodtics dont need them. You got a cold here takes these. Thus its a problem were over medicating ourselves these days. Some times theres reason our body is doing these things. Y^ou are right but my i say even those people only know what you let them see.
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Cloud that has become such a problem that some docs end up not giving antibiotics when they should have.

And, I agree even our families may not truly know us if we hide who we are.  Just think of serial killers living in regular families where the spouse and children dont have a clue!
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